Bested by an Egg

This morning I was bested by an egg… make that 2 eggs.

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I always post my recipe successes on this blog, but you rarely get to hear about my failures. Well, this morning, I failed!

I love poached eggs on toast. The way the silky yolk gently bursts forth coating each bite in rich perfection….. It is magical! Up until today, I had never attempted to recreate it at home. Why, you ask? Because it sounds so difficult! I read countless recipes entitled “The Perfect Poached Egg” online. Each recipe offered a different anecdote they claimed would result in the perfect, no-fail, poached egg. I finally selected what seemed like the best method and set to work. I filled a pot with 20 cm of lightly salted water. I brought the water to a simmer. I cracked my egg into a tiny dish, transferred it to a slotted spoon, and lowered it into the simmering water only to have the egg dissipate into dozens of slimy white ribbons the moment it touched the water.

Take 2! This time, I cracked the egg directly into the simmering water and attempted to create a swirling whirlpool in the water. This attempt almost make it, but the yolk broke at the last minute.

At that point, I was so hungry that a third attempt was not an option. I sadly fried a Sunny-Side-Up egg and slumped to the living room to take a picture. Then, I picked up my plate to eat and promptly dropped the toast on the floor…..

It’s going to be one of those days…..