What’s a Gidget?

Hello, and welcome to Gluten Free Gidget!

I have always been the “shrimp” of my family. At 5’3″, with little discernible body fat, I am not what you would call intimidating. Rewind to my middle school years. After coming home from school one day, I flipped on the television to find a giggly Sandra Dee frolicking in the surf with “Moon Doggie”. He called her Gidget…. “You know…. girl midget”. Well, the name stuck!

I have been gluten-free and dairy-free since March of 2007. At a frightening 79 lbs, I could barely muster the energy to get our of bed in the morning. I became sick every time I ate. Doctors kept telling me I had an eating disorder. The problem was, that I wanted to eat. I wanted to eat so badly, but it was food that was making me ill. Finally, after a year of severe illness, I was diagnosed and put on a gluten free/dairy free diet. Since that time, my life has changed dramatically. I began to study food and its healing effects, and slowly began to heal. It was bloggers who taught me how to cook and take control of my health, and I have been blessed to be able to share that gift with others.

My food philosophy is simple: Food should taste good and make you feel good.

I try to make as much food from scratch as possible, always including one main ingredient…. LOVE!

Thanks for stopping by, and please leave comments on your favorite posts! I love chatting with my readers!

10 thoughts on “What’s a Gidget?

  1. I am a celiac and so relate to your bio. Except i used to be skinny and now have added hypothyroidism to my list of “issues” and therefore now am fat. but I agree that eating gluten free food should not be a flavor punishment. I started a gluten free catering company and a blog to help others know that gluten free food can and should taste delicious. I stumbled upon your blog and will be visiting often. Have a great day!

  2. Just found your bloc and I absolutely LOVE it. Your recipes are inspiring. I am gluten intolerant and slightly lactose intolerant (but I ignore the lactose intolerance.) Since I’ve got GF my health has been so much better and I can eat dairy (more. I still can’t go overboard). I’ve been unable to have pasta for years, but just recently discovered if I cut out all gluten, I feel so much healthier and better overall.

    thanks for sharing all your recipes and your life with us!

    • Hmmm…. My favorites are Tinkyada, the DeBoles Golden Flax, and Quinoa pasta. Tinkyada is best hot or in a soup, the DeBoles is the best one for a cold pasta salad, and the quinoa is best with butter or Earth Balance!

    • Quinoa & corn pasta! from ancient harvest brand in an aqua colored box. (It doesn’t get mushy and has the closest flavor to wheat pasta)
      Rice pasta is a step up from eating dirt.

  3. Hey there! You sound just like me…no gluten, no dairy, eats mainly vegan, but occasionally eats meat. I am not in the least bit creative when it comes to cooking (specially GF/DF!) so long hours of scouring websites and Pinterest to find me something to eat…as I starve and drool over each picture. I made a veggie stew tonight from “creativity”…and it wasn’t the greatest…but it’s food. I think tomorrow I’ll try putting together your Sweet cinnamon banana nut bread. I made the Mighty Tasty Honey muffins. A lil crunchy…but they will be a quick alternative when I really don’t want to do much activity but coffee in the morning.
    I never thought that 2 years ago I would of ate food like this…I was fast food addict and microwave what-evers. Then all of a sudden everything I ate was like digesting knives… glad I followed someone’s advice on a whim! It really helped me recover from so many of my ailments!
    Keep posting yummy recipes! People like me depend on it! 🙂

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