Scales are Stupid….

Every Publix grocery store has a giant, menacing looking scale in their front entry way. 
As I am quite often in and out of these stores on a daily basis, I have observed an interesting trend in human behavior. For every person that dares to step onto the dreaded in giant scale, in public, no less, there is an overwhelming sense of embarrassment. If they are skinny, they seem to be embarrassed to be seen on the scale at all, and are on and off that thing before you can bat an eyelash! I know for myself, I worry people will scoff at me for even wondering my weight, or judge me to have an eating disorder. For those that are overweight, they shame and mortification that over takes their features when the large display practically screams their weight to the entire entry way is absolutely heart breaking. 
Even more worrisome, are the countless preteens who are obsessed with the magical numbers appearing on the scales. They worry every time they gain a pound. I want to run up to them and scream, “It’s okay! It’s a good thing! You are still growing! You want to weigh more than 80 lbs!!!!” 
As I mulled these trends over in my mind, the thought came to me. Why are we so obsessed with a stupid number? Why do we let what a machine says define our self worth? When did this shift in thinking take over?
As long as we are able to run, jump, and play, our bodies are able to do what God designed them to do. We are perfect! Who cares if you are 100 lbs or 200 lbs! Each of us is beautiful and unique, just as we are.
Join with me and take a stand against the machine and toss your stupid, judging, inanimate scale in the garbage bin! Scales are stupid! Who needs them? So there!

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