Bowl Meals & Big Changes….

I realized something last night. 
I am going to have to start cooking again when GF Guy comes home. He will be home for at least 6 months starting July 25th!!!!!!!
Here’s the deal… When it’s just me, I tend to open the refrigerator, pull out every vegetable on the planet, throw it into a pan with heaven knows what (usually whatever I can scrounge out of the refrigerator or cabinets), plop it into a bowl with diced tomato & avocado, & call it dinner. With GF Guy, I don’t think that will go over so well. Don’t get me wrong, he loves me cooking. The think is, very few people would consider a giant bowl of buckwheat, kale, tofu, diced tomatoes & avocado, & homemade cocktail sauce a yummy dinner. That is honestly what I ate last night…. AND I LOVED IT!!!! Don’t judge!
I’m also going to have to stop making fish. GF Guy loathes the stuff. 
So, no more Veggie Dump Bowls…
no more Fish Filets,…
& no more puppy boyfriends in the bed.
Big changes are a comin’!

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