Gidget Goes Cruisin….

Throughout the years, I have become a master Gluten-Free traveler. I have traveled everywhere from Canada, to Cancun, to San Francisco, & Savannah. 

A little background…

I traveled for 2 years with GF Guy on a bus & truck Broadway show tour. It was me, a mini cooler, & a hope & a prayer! I ate lots, and I mean lots, of tuna over those 2 years. I also ate some amazing food at little gluten-free savvy joints all over the country. It taught me amazing survival skills. However, that’s what it was… survival. Food was not enjoyable. It was not delicious. It was something to keep alive and that was all. Now, when we travel, GF Guy and I try to pick places where food won’t be a problem. We don’t always, however, plan the vacation….

For Christmas last year, my parents bought all the kids and their significant others a vacation, a cruise to Bermuda, be be exact. I lived in Bermuda for a few years when I was little. My little brother & sister were born there. This trip was our first time back in almost 20 years! Yes… I’m that old.
We boarded our cruise ship in NYC and set out on our voyage. Let me tell you what, it was HEAVEN!
Norwegian Cruise Lines was not a company I had heard about when researching gluten-free cruises. Because of this, I was slightly nervous about my food situation. I need not have worried. The crew aboard the Norwegian Gem, especially the Maitre d’, Richard Bull, were exceedingly attentive & wonderful. Each evening, I perused the next day’s menus & placed my “special order” to be prepared in the special food allergy kitchen. The chefs delighted me at every meal creating gluten-free, dairy-free twists on their recipes that never lacked for flavor or complexity. I was surprised with special desserts, muffins, and bread by Richard, the Maitre d’. Each plate was triple checked by the cooks, waitstaff, & finally the Maitre d’, himself, before being presented to our table. The family joked that Richard was my “special chef” because of the close attention he paid to me throughout the cruise.

I am now a Norwegian Cruise Lines devotee for life! If you have food allergies or celiac, know that you will be able to enjoy a wonderful vacation with NCL!
Here are some pictures from our amazing trip. Enjoy!


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