How to Politely Return a Pie Plate….

GF Guy’s Aunt P & Uncle R are visiting from Detroit. 
They are brilliant, if you ask me. I mean seriously, who would want to be up in that frigid wasteland when it feels like summer here in Florida?
Anyway, a few months ago, GF Guy’s show played one of the theaters in Detroit. Uncle R & Aunt P went to see the show and brought the cast a homemade Apple Pie in a glass pie plate. 

Wrapped tightly in a jacket, that plate made it’s way across the country and into my kitchen for safe-keeping. 
Since Uncle R & Aunt P are now here, I figured it was time to return the prodigal pie plate to its rightful owners. Horweve, I couldn’t merely return the plate. It had to be done properly & politely. When returning a dish, it should never be returned empty. It’s only polite.
So… I returned it full of a second recipe from Mommy’s Kitchen! Behold the amazing Homemade Peanut Butter Custard Pie!!! 

Topped with homemade Meringue and filled with creamy custard, this pie is a peanut lovers dream! My changes:

Another creamy, dreamy winner! I think I like this whole pie thing! Just one step closer to becoming a stereotypical 1950’s housewife!
PS- Remember when I was jealous that GF Guy met Tom Cruise?  Forget that! He met Matt Damon and John Krasinski from The Office on Sunday when they came to see his show! Ridiculous!

    3 thoughts on “How to Politely Return a Pie Plate….

    1. At least they plow in that frigid wasteland you call Detroit, or is that photo just one of hopeful thinking which is what we do here in MN. We got another 16 inches Sunday and still no plowing on my street. Yesterday I shoveled for two hours to get me car dug out. I am so done with this winter! Even my Tibetan friend's know to return a container with something in it, all my canned tomato jars come back with a handful of starbursts in each, how sweet is that. John Krasinski ?

    2. Love the pie! There are some differences between you and a typical 1950's housewife. They would not have used agave nectar, Dari Free, or gluten free flour! 🙂 Wow! GF Guy is meeting all kinds of people. I would be jealous.

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