Friday Link Lovin’

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!
Today we are going to spend some time giving a little link lovin’ to what’s hot in my little corner of the world this week!

  • Check out Collected, a blog about all things creative and beautiful, for a daily dose of creative inspiration!

  • The Sparkle Nail Polish Collection by OPI.- Sparkle-licious is my FAV! How can you not want to put on cute clothes and run around when you have sparkles on your nails? (I’m such a girl!) 

So, what are your plans for this weekend?
We are celebrating my Aunt’s 60th birthday with a huge bash. I have big plans to make pulled pork, greens, & a GF/DF Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake! (recipe to follow if it is a success!)

  1. Do you have any fun/exciting plans?
  2. What’s hot in your corner of the world this week?

One thought on “Friday Link Lovin’

  1. Looks like a line up of fun in your neck of the world. The greens were fantastic! Although, that is my review, not the wife's. This is not an easy endeavor my friend. She is getting toasted walnuts in her lunch today. Anyway, work, work, work for me. Shabbat dinner tonight and nursing our kitty with failure to thrive! We have had a warm front hit, 50 degrees so it would be a perfect time to go check on my bees. Enjoy the weekend.

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