Comfort in a Cookbook….

Oh me oh my…. I am one happy girl. GF Guy is home visiting for the week. I just picked him up from the airport, and he is currently fast asleep on the sofa across from me. Dickens is curled up on the rug at my feet. The windows are open because it is a perfect 72 degrees outside…. really, could life get any better right now?
My life has become so mundane. You know what? I kind of like it. It’s the simple day-to-day joys that make each day wonderful. Things like doing a crossword puzzle, curling up with a freshly bathed puppy, and cooking a recipe directly from a cookbook.
I must admit, I rarely cook from a book. If I’m not making a meal off the cuff, the Internet is generally my giant cookbook. Last week though, I decided to “kick it old school” and pull out a gift from my Fairy Blog-mother, 660 Curries by Raghavan Iyer
It was like reading an actual book versus a Kindle; comforting, nostalgic, and beautiful simplicity. The recipe was for Wok-Seared Chicken with Mustard Greens & Spicy Soy Sauce found on page 657
This contemporary curry fused Indian ingredients and a Chinese cooking method to develop a spicy symphony of flavors. 
Having never eaten Mustard Greens, I was excited to try them.
I ate a few pieces raw and was astounded to be smacked in the face by a “Wasabi-like” after effect! I LOVED IT! Has anyone else experienced this? Vegetables are so cool! (big dork)
Next time, I will probably double the sauce. Served over Brown Rice with a little extra GF Soy Sauce, this was an excellent, simple supper. So cheers to you Raghavan Iyer! (sorry, I took a sip first)
I can’t wait until we play in the kitchen again!   
 Oh, and Mr. Iyer, should you ever come to Tampa, I want you to teach a cooking class at my store! You are wonderful!

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