A Triumph…(dining guide)…

Before the holidays, Triumph Dining sent me a copy of their latest and greatest Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide
I have been a long time fan of Triumph Dining Cards, and recommend them to everyone I know. 
Chefs has come out to my table in restaurants to personally thank me for bringing such a comprehensive guide to my specific dietary needs and asked where they could purchase a set for their kitchens! They are available in 10 languages and tailored to each specific cuisine. Invaluable!
Despite my love of their Dining Cards, I had never even seen a Triumph Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide. It was such a treat to receive one in the mail. 
Having traveled rather extensively, I enjoyed comparing my own experiences with those in the book. I am happy to report they were spot on! 
The book was organized by city and state and was very quick and easy to navigate.
But, do you want to know the best part?
In the back, there is an allergen breakdown of every major fast food restaurant in the U.S.! WHAT?! Sometimes, there is nothing but a Burger King around for hundreds of miles. Wouldn’t this guide make your life a ton easier?
I couldn’t keep this gem to myself! A friend of mine at work is seeing someone who travels for a living. He is completely new to a GF diet and has been having a tough time. (understatement of the year!) I was able pass along my copy of the Triumph Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide to him as a Christmas present. It made his year! 
To get your very own copy, go to www.TriumphDining.com
Thank you, Triumph, for creating such a wonderful, helpful tool for gluten-free diners everywhere!

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