A Chip off the Old Block….

I have seen Kale Chips all over the place for the past year or so. Personally, I have enjoyed eating them, but had never gone as far as to attempt to make them myself. Last night I decided the time had come. I had a bunch of Curly Kale starring at me from the back of my refrigerator, a hankering for something crunchy, and a pantry devoid of snack food. It was time!
I actually try to keep chips and other snack-y foods out of my house. I tend to eat when I get bored or stressed. By not having trigger foods in the house, I am forced to snack on things like baby carrots and cucumbers. They are much healthier options when hit by a snack attack. 
Kale Chips are an excellent way to eat your greens without feeling like you are! Feel free to play with the spices. If you don’t like Curry, stick with Sea Salt! Go crazy with Cumin! The sky is the limit!

Curry Kale Chips


  • 1 bunch Curly, Green Kale, washed and dried
  • Non-stick Cooking Spray
  • 1/2-1 tsp Curry Powder


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Tear Kale into “chip size” pieces.
  3. Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray.
  4. Place kale onto cookie sheet and spray lightly with cooking spray.
  5. Sprinkle with curry powder.
  6. Roast about 10 minutes in preheated oven.
  7. Chips are done when the edges are nice and crispy.
Do you eat when you are bored or stressed?
What are your tricks to curbing unhealthy snack attacks?
What are your favorite snack foods?

    8 thoughts on “A Chip off the Old Block….

    1. I ❤ Kale Chips!I do tend to eat when I'm bored or stressed. In the case of boredom, I'll try to find something else to do..read, watch YouTube videos, take a nap! That way, if I'm still hungry an hour later, I know it's real hunger and not boredom. If I'm stressed, I'll make a cup of tea, snack on fruit, do some yoga, or again…nap ;)Favorite snack foods? Apples, Tea, Carrots, TJ's Pop Chips. This isn't exactly "healthy", but right now I'm eating a hunk of HEAB's 2-ingredient fudge with almond butter and some coconut chai tea.

    2. On steriods for asthma so feeling hungry most of the time. Boiled eggs kept ready in the fridge and GT crackers with Almond Butter fills the gap. Glasses of water help also.

    3. almond butter with cocoa and honey. that's my go-to snack, and I'm trying to replace it with other things, since variety is healthier. 🙂

    4. I still have not tried these bad boys and I know I would love them! I assume they taste like crisped up brussels sprout leaves (which I love). I snack on fruit- especially melon. It fills me up quick

    5. My trigger food is peanut butter so sadly I try not to keep it around… which usually means I just end up giving up and making some from scratch with whatever raw nuts I have on hand haha.Kale chips are such a great snack…. I should make them more often! I especially love them cheesy 🙂

    6. I made kale chips for the first time last year. My husband (the taste tester) was leary of this recipe from the start. He said it smelled like 'hot garbage!'. Too bad for him I am a meanie so I said open up and went to force it in while he tried to dodge my hit. I got it down his hatch succesfully laughing all the while…Muah ah ah!To his surprise he like them :)Never judge a book by it's cover, or kale by it's smell!!!

    7. i just bought some kale to make kale chips! i'm sure i'll love 'em!I am a terrible snacker – I could eat all day. I try to eat protein for breakfast & that helps (eggs!) and then I find munching on a few raw almonds helps. I usually want chips or salty things so the almonds are good.If I want sweets I try to keep it lower-cal by snacking on some GF natural marshmallows! soo good!

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