Trips, Turtles, and Trippy Mushrooms….

What a weekend! 
GF Guy and I went to visit his mom and her husband in “the country”, aka Southern Georgia. We drove up after work on Friday. It was little Dickens’ first road trip, and I am pleased to report he was a perfect angel! 
Such a big boy!
 Dickens was fascinated by the huge yard and the family goat, Liberty. 
His herding instincts took over and before long he and Liberty were BFFs, at least in his mind! 
The humans spent Saturday walking around St. Simons. We had awesome Gluten Free pizza at Joe’s Pizza on the island and bought some art work for our living room. Then we went to a little Farmer’s Market and bought fresh Georgia Peaches from a cute, old couple. 
After dinner that night, we went on a “Turtle Walk” on Jekyll Island. Our group got a call from “Turtle Patrol” that a giant Loggerhead Turtle had come ashore and was digging a nest. 
This was not the turtle we saw, but looks just like it. We didn’t have our camera and it was night time.
 We high-tailed it, and by high-tailed it I mean GF Guy and I and everyone under the age of 10 took off running the mile and a half to the nesting spot. We were given the opportunity to approach in groups of 5 to see her covering her eggs and return to the sea. She was HUGE!!!  Seriously, her head was as big as two of my thighs put together! It was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. Then we ran the mile and a half back to our car. Needless to say, we were sandy, sweaty little buggers, but it was totally worth it! 
Sunday, we woke up and went blueberry picking. There is nothing like eating wild blueberries straight from the bush, …..then looking down and realizing that you might be standing in poison ivy, but aren’t quite sure what it looks like! Oh, the joys of being a “City-Slicker” in the country! I was also “attacked” by a Praying Mantis, but managed to get it back on the bush without spilling my entire bucket of berries. We were sent home with about 5 bags of fresh berries! YUMMMMM!!!!!
GF Guy and I are now sitting next to each other on our laptops. We are both tired, moody, and completely in our own little zones. It’s going to be an early night for sure. 
After our 6 hour drive home, we stopped by the store and picked up some fresh, organic veggies for a quick and easy stir-fry. 
I made this recipe with a few modifications. I added a red bell pepper, snow peas, shrimp,  and some trippy-looking Buna-shimeji, or Beech Mushrooms,
and eliminated the garlic, ginger, green beans, and chickpeas. Delicious and healthy, we enjoyed our stir-fry atop leftover rice and quinoa and fresh baby spinach. 
SIGH….. Georgia was beautiful
 PS- Today is our 1 year Anniversary of adopting Dickens!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Trips, Turtles, and Trippy Mushrooms….

  1. What a fun trip – turtles and obvious over the top experience. I can not even imagine. We have seen the roped off nesting spots on the beaches in Naples but I have never laid my eyes on an actual turtle. Quintessential GA, peaches and blueberries, but it seemed too short. Hope your can go back soon.

  2. Aww, your dog is so precious in his little car seat!!! Nick and I are toying with the idea of getting a dog. Adopting one is a great idea, especially with all of the weather disasters that have happened recently, and all the dogs that are up for adoption right now.Great pictures of the turtle (WOW!!) and the mushrooms and lily pads. Did you take those with your camera?! They all look so real like I can grab them.

  3. What a great trip 🙂 VERY cool that you got to see the turtle nesting- so special. And wild blueberries are amazing…and would even be worth a little poison ivy haha.

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