Summer Lovin’….

I have so many recipes to share, but no time!!!! GF Guy and I have been maximizing our limited time together. For me that means ignoring my computer to focus on him. Bare with me through the next month. My posts will be sporadic at best. Last weekend, we went to the Art Museum and an awesome park and played in the outdoor fountains. 
Rule #6 for playing in the outdoor fountains was my favorite…
Then we had dinner with my family at cool little wine bar, took them to play in the park, and went to a little local gelato/sorbet stand on Harbor Island. This weekend, we took a Segway Tour of Tampa and saw Toy Story 3! 
We are having so much fun doing all the cool, little things in our city. If you have never explored your city in this way I highly recommend it! Not gonna lie, I thought I might die on the Segway, but, I didn’t crash once! GF Guy almost hit a biker, but no harm, no foul! I am going to miss my best friend so much when he is gone…. Okay back to happy thoughts! 
I started taking ballet again this week. I hadn’t danced in years, and I’m not going to lie… I WAS SCARED! I put on my “big girl panties”, sucked it up, and went anyway. Guess what… IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I am so happy to have ballet back in my life. I use to be a hard core dancer. Dancing is such a strong form of expression. Plus, it is a form of exercise I could do all day and never tire of! 
I will post a recipe a little later when I get the chance. I have to go in to work today to prep for an exciting day. Tomorrow Bob’s Red Mill is sponsoring me to teach a Gluten Free Cooking Class at work! I am excited and a little bit nervous! Wish me luck!

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