Let’s Hear It For the Toilet Paper….

Wow… I have been so busy with work. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it. It just means I haven’t had time to create anything new in the kitchen. As such, I have been neglecting you all terribly. Sorry folks! 
So…. what has happened since we chatted last? Well…. I went to my sister in-law’s Bridal Shower and brought Gluten Free Mini-Muffins and Gluten Free Mocha Chip Biscotti. This was my first Bridal Shower ever and it was so much fun! (GF Guy and I planned our wedding in a week and a half. Consequently, we didn’t have bridal showers, etc…. It was totally worth it, though. Dragging out the planning process is just too stressful for me!) Anyway, back to the shower. We played the game where you split in to teams and make a wedding gown out of toilet paper. Guess what…. my team won!!!! 
 Sooo excited!!!!!!
Dickens also got his first haircut! 
 He looks like Papi from Beverly Hills Chihuahua! hahaha Bless his little heart! 
That’s pretty much it for news… Moving on to the food…
Tonight’s dinner was an old recipe served in a new way. I made my Chana Saag recipe, but instead of serving it over quinoa, we stuffed it in a baked sweet potato! 
 Perfection! Some people stuff their potatoes with butter, cheese, and bacon bits. We stuff ours with spinach and chickpeas! 
While dinner was delicious, I miss creating new things in the kitchen. I just haven’t been inspired to cook anything new lately….
I need some kitchen inspiration! Anyone?! This is a Culinary SOS!!!!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It For the Toilet Paper….

  1. I like to stuff regular old baked potatoes with cottage cheese and peas, weird but really good! This version of a stuffed potato looks wonderful. Try some really fresh spring soups, fresh pea and fresh asparagus are two of my favorites! We use our grill all year round but it is nice time of year to concoct kabobs and grilled vegetables. Last week I grilled patty pan squash, yellow zuc, red pepper, and onion and then drizzled them with a pesto and served it over brown rice.

  2. Those sweet potatoes look quite good! Woohoo on the toilet paper dress win! That is probably the best bridal shower game ever. (Usually they are insufferable!) Dickens looks adorable per usual. :-)I had some lentil dal "burgers" recently from Whole Foods that were out of this world. I enjoyed them on a gluten-free girlfriends' weekend. One of my friends is always trying gf goodies from Whole Foods and sharing them with us. I'll email you the ingredients if you like so you can get busy coming up with a recipe. 😉 I'd be forever grateful if you did! 🙂 Shirley

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