Oui, Oui….

 Our French Bread Loaf Pan is no longer simply going to be used as a wine rack for our refrigerator!!!!!
Using Gluten Free Pantry’s French Bread Mix, 
 I have successfully made my 1st loaf of GF/DF French Bread! 
 Even better was how simple and easy it was! I followed the instructions on the box, exactly as written, except I divided the dough in half and made to loaves in my French Bread pan, which I dusted with cornmeal. The result? 
Crusty on the outside, soft pillow-y inside French Bread perfection! 
To celebrate, I made GF Guy the meal that made him fall in love with me in college. (Bear in mind, this was before I knew how to cook, before I knew about the benefits of organic ingredients, and before I had to eat Gluten Free and Dairy Free.)  
The backstory: I would go to Super Walmart (cringe) and buy a $1 loaf of French Bread, slather it with Prego Marinara sauce and Great Value brand Mozzarella Cheese, and voila! French Bread Pizza! I was such a gourmet!
Now, our version of French Bread Pizza involves baking our own loaves, organic pizza sauce, organic spinach, and vegan mozzarella cheeze. My how things change! 
GF Guy surprised me by bringing home the movie The Blind Side, which we ate while enjoying our Pizza. We sat down, prayed, and cautiously took our first bites. GF Guy chewed, put his pizza down, looked at me very seriously, and said… “Wow, baby… this is really good! I really missed this!” SUCCESS!!!!!!!!! For all you people out there intimidated by baking GF bread, buy Gluten Free Pantry’s French Bread Mix. It makes baking so accessible and is perfect if you don’t have an obscene stock of 20 different gluten free flours! (…guilty…)
What was/is your “famous college recipe”?

8 thoughts on “Oui, Oui….

  1. You have come a long way on this one. What a sweet sweet story. The french bread looks really good. I am afraid I fall very short in the baking arena. I have a freezer full of flour, including some beautiful chestnut flour and it all intimidates me. What a fun date night. Loved The Blind Side and ditto to the cringe about Super Walmart. But I love that you can go back and remember the prego marinara and great value mozzarella. It illustrates the transition to the gourmet you have become. I didn't cook in college but my favorite snack back then was triscuits and cottage cheese.

  2. This mix makes a wonderful loaf of bread also. Then use that to make french toast!! Very good choice. I would love to know where you got your french bread pan that is so neat!!

  3. I've heard good things about that mix for a long time. I never buy mixes, but that one might be a reason to make an exception. I used to love French Bread pizza, too. Interestingly enough, one of my favorite college recipes was a frugal one and naturally gluten free. Steamed rice topped with steamed veggies and a little butter. :-)Shirley

  4. Yum! Looks delicious! I need one of those pans. I will definitely grab that mix when I see it. We have gotten better around here with not doing the bread thing, but sometimes you just need a good sandwich! The pizza sandwich looks really good! Loved the Blind Side too!I went to culinary school, so I ate such a variety of food there and kept it simple at home. I honestly don't even remember what I ate at home. That's weird now that I think about it! Thanks for the review!

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