"Mixing" It Up….

Happy Warm Weather Weekend, Everyone!!!! It is officially “shorts” weather here in Florida. I busted out my jean skirt, GF Guy put the top down on the convertible, Dickens got strapped into his doggie car harness, and we were off on our family outing to the Farmer’s Market! 
Isn’t GF Guy handsome? 
Dickens loves riding with the top down.
We bought some wonderful locally grown, organic produce, ate an idyllic lunch of organic salads, and drove home where I spent a few hours in the kitchen. My sister-in-law’s bridal shower is tomorrow. I volunteered to do a bit of baking for the event. I made a batch of Mocha Chip Biscotti (you MUST make this recipe!!!!) and then I cheated and broke into the Gluten Free Mixes From The Heartland I won a few weeks ago. I used the Raspberry Pound Cake mix and the Pineapple Pound Cake mix to make a few dozen mini-muffins. 
 The colors are so much fun and the mixes are super simple to use.
Then, I decided to break in my new French Bread Loaf pan! I was recently given a box of Gluten Free Pantry French Bread and Pizza mix. The loaves are in the oven as we speak. I will be sure to let you know how they turn out. I have high hopes!
Now, to take a serious turn…. 
I received a phone call a few days ago that outraged me. My life insurance company wanted to almost double my monthly payments because I “weigh less than the average person my height.” I’m sorry, but last time I checked the “average American” was overweight! Just because I do not fall within the norm does not mean I am unhealthy! I work out. I a good, whole food diet that sometimes includes desserts and french fries! The difference is, I make healthy choices and practice moderation! How is it that the insurance industry feels they can judge a persons health based simply on a skewed chart?…. It just makes me angry…. that’s all… thanks for listening…
To counteract my rant, it is time for a much needed Daily Dose of Dickens. Apparently he decided to join me in bed last night after I fell asleep. GF Guy was able to capture the moment!

4 thoughts on “"Mixing" It Up….

  1. Ugh, I am so tired of being judged for the exact same thing. I eat an enormous amount of food that includes a wide range of healthy and treats, but because I work out and practice moderation…I get judged all the time. I even have people that I have been friends with for years turn their backs on me because of that. I think people assume that big is healthier now…sorry, you got me going!I want a french bread pan so I can attempt to make some for my husband. I am still a little afraid of breads like that since I have had some gluten free flops on the bread/rolls. Have a great day tomorrow at the shower!

  2. What a fun day you had. The Farmer's Market and sunshine make me happy, too. And the muffins look incredible!So sorry about the insurance company. My goodness, I wonder if they're making the same phone calls to the other end of the spectrum? I get the "she's so thin" thing, too. If only they knew I eat full fat butter, nuts, eggs WITH yolks, etc. I really think it's the very low sugar, carbs, and processed foods that keep the weight off. Plus exercise.Hope the shower is fun!

  3. What fun muffins! Yes, he is very handsome! Dickens looks to be having the time of his life. And you my dear are one of the most healthy people walking the planet! I only have naughty superlatives for your insurance company.

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