Embarrassing, But True…

Okay you guys… I am a little embarrassed to actually be posting this “recipe”. It’s not that I’m embarrassed about what I’m eating. It’s just… it’s… it’s just such an embarrassingly simple college-esque meal! It sure did hit the spot, though!
Low Country Skillet Supper

– 1/4 Yellow Onion, chopped
– 1/2 Carrot, chopped
– 1 clove Garlic, minced
– 1 can Great Northern Beans, drained and rinsed
– 1/2 bottle BBQ Sauce (we used a Smoky Maple flavor)
– 1/8 tsp Chili Powder
– 1/4 tsp Cumin
– 1/2 tsp Paprika
In a medium skillet, saute onion and carrot until translucent and soft. 
Add garlic and saute about 45 seconds until fragrant.
Add Beans, BBQ Sauce, and spices, reduce heat to medium-low and allow to cook until heated through.
We ate our BBQ Bean-y goodness atop a bed of steamed spinach, steamed broccoli, and some heated frozen mixed veggies. Our side was Kabocha Squash “Fries”. GF Guy is officially ADDICTED, and I LOVE it!
In random, “no one really cares” news:
I didn’t feel like working out this morning, so I decided to hit the gym after work. To ensure I didn’t “wuss out”, I packed my gym clothes, changed into them before I left the office, and went straight there. I logged a good 13 sweaty miles on the bike before heading home to my man! It felt awesome to work out after work. I just might have to do it more often!

Are you an AM workout kid or a PM? What gets you motivated?
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9 thoughts on “Embarrassing, But True…

  1. Ok totally pimped out rocking layout, love it!!!!!!! I redid mine last weekend and i never intended to do it, it just ended up sucking me in :)your site just got 1million percent easier to read!and your comments re religion, faith, etc I totally respect that and love that you have it!

  2. Morning, morning, morning! I start every weekday with a 7 mile walk, leaving the house around 5:15. I love to watch the sun come up. On weekends, when I work, I try to take a walk after work but it is so hard to get motivated after a busy day. Your dinner looks great!

  3. Hey, just discovered your blog! :-)So nice to find gluten free blogs (I am not completetly intolerant but quite sensitive to gluten so I cut it out whenever I can) and yours has a lovely look. Do you have an actual "about me" page or a post about your diet??And to answer your question of the day: I am a complete PM workout kiddo :-)! After having worked out really hard in the morning I can usually forget the rest of the day since I am completely tired and I feel like getting showered and dressed take ages after a workout! I kind of "reward" myself with some great sports after a work day!! That kind of gives me closure and it starts my "free & me" time! But when I have a long day at the desk at home and I feel sluggish in the morning, I put on my running gear and just take a good walk. I run a bit when I feel like it but just getting some air helps!Long comment but it's my first one here 😉

  4. I love easy college type meals turned healthy! There is nothing wrong with that! In fact, BBQ sauce would probably actually get my kids to love more beans! I am totally a early workout person. If I wait until the end of the day, I probably would not do it. It also helps me start my day extra motivated!

  5. I almost MUST work out in the morning. Up and clothes on or it never happens. The most I can muster after work is a nice walk, if its nice out. I get up at 5 some days and work out even if I have hours after work, just because I KNOW that I won't do it.

  6. I just noticed your blog has a new look! I love it. This color of green is actually one of my favorites.There is nothing wrong with simple meals! That's my forte 🙂 THis sounds great too, and I happen to have all of these ingredients, score!I'm a morning workout girl. I feel better during the day when I workout in the morning, however, if I have to workout in the PM, I'm totally ok with it.

  7. looks pretty tasty to me! I try to get my workout done in the am because otherwise I can't motivate in the afternoon! What gets me motivated is getting it out of the way.

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