Full of Falafel….

Wow! This week has been one of the most hectic yet satisfying of my life! I was put in charge of planning a Health Fair for work. This was my first big assignment in my new job and was sort of my “rite of passage.” Guess what! It was a success! 
Carol Kicinski, from Simply… Gluten Free  
came and taught a cooking class. 
(Her desserts were unbelievable! You MUST check out her blog!) She and her husband are absolutely delightful. I loved meeting them and we hope we can “hang out” again soon! The participants LOVED the class! In fact, they could not stop raving and asking when Carol would be coming back!
We also had NY Times Best Selling Author, Brenda Watson, come and give a lecture on Probiotics. We were very lucky to have her. 
In addition to these special events, we held a drawing for prizes and had all sorts of product demonstrations and samples. (Tinkyada pasta, Henry & Lisa’s Salmon, Coconut Bliss Ice Cream, Organic Oriental Sweet Potatoes, Organic Oranges…..) It was quite an affair! Here are a few of my amateur photos:

That night, I attended a Great Gatsby Themed function for work. (a little PR work) My mom was my date and we had a grand old time! After the party, we stopped at a local tea shop for a little “tea talk”, browsed a few art shops, got a parking ticket…. (oops!)
All in all…. sigh of relief….
Amidst the chaos of my week, there was a glimmer of foodie goodness courtesy of my little sister in-law, an aspiring foodie in her own rite. I “facebook-ed” her a recipe. She made it. (with a few minor changes) I ate it! AWESOME! 
The meal was a first for all of us… Baked Sweet Potato Falafel w/ Yogurt-Tahini Sauce. The recipe can be found here at FatFreeVegan .
None of us had ever had a normal Falafel, much less a Baked, Sweet Potato one! All I can say DE-LICIOUS! And the sauce? Perfection! I know it sounds and looks strange, 
 but it is delicious. 
Our Falafel Balls spread were a bit “special” looking, 
 but it’s the taste that matters! Here are the changes we made to the recipe.
Our tweaks:
– We used Paprika instead of Coriander in the Falafel.
– We used 3 Sweet Potatoes… just because! 😉
– We used Tofutti Better N’ Sour Cream instead of soy yogurt in the Sauce.
We served the Falafel in French Meadow Bakery Gluten Free Flour Tortillas with Romaine Lettuce, Diced Cucumber, and Diced Tomato.
I highly recommend this recipe to any and everyone!
Other than that, our meals this week have been thrown together stir-frys, spiralized zucchini “pasta”, and leftover Tomato Soup . Let’s see what next week brings! I feel like I can take on the world!!!!!… and the kitchen, too! 😉
Daily Dose of Dickens:
Dickens has a girlfriend! Oo la la!

4 thoughts on “Full of Falafel….

  1. Baked sweet potato falafel?! That sounds amazing. Sounds like you had a fantastic foodie weekend! I love watching cooking demos and I'd love to see one with gluten-free cooking. Specifically I need to learn about all these"gums" that people add to their gluten free recipes. I know it's probably for structural purposes, but I need to start working with them to learn how they work!Glad the Great Gatspy function for your work was a good time! It sounds like fun, and what a great theme.

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