Through The Grapevine….

I have some exciting news to share with you! It will especially excite the coffee aficionados among you. Starbucks is set to introduce new Gluten Free Pre-Packaged Snacks on the 12th!
I don’t know if this will only be in their test market locations or a national movement. A friend of mine works for a Starbucks in Indiana. She had the opportunity to try one of the GF cookies set to be released on the 12th. She said it was good! Does anyone else have more information? I couldn’t find anything on their website. Regardless, thank you Starbucks!

9 thoughts on “Through The Grapevine….

  1. Ditto Melanie. We had the GF almond orange cakes here in St. Paul, MN for several months but they have disappeared. They were a quite lovely and a fun little treat every now and then!

  2. Have to admire Starbucks for accommodating their customers' dietary preferences. I hope their next step is to offer some non-dairy milks other than soy!

  3. How exciting, hopefully this will be just as delicious as the orange cakes and will last longer. I still look for them everytime I go, just in case…

  4. I know the starbucks in soho in south tampa was carrying the gluten free cakes but I haven't seen them in awhile. Last I heard they were pulling them because they weren't selling. I hope they bring it back

  5. Where does your friend live in Indiana? That's where I live :)Oh and i'm April..just found your blog and i'm thinking of going totally gluten free eventually. Oats are my poison and I refuse to pay $6 for them 😉

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