Recovery Breakfast….

I have a problem with exercising…..

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it. My problem has more to do with how it effects me, physically, than a desire to stay in bed.  Lately, I have had to limit my exercise due to extreme dizziness and nausea on days I workout. The dizzy spells and nausea occurred about 3 hours after exercising. I thought it was due to dehydration, but that proved to be a dead end. Next, I examined the foods I ate on workout days that ended in dizziness. Upon closer inspection, and after discussions with my little brother (a college ice hockey player who works out non-stop), I realized I was not eating the correct post-workout recovery foods. I was gravitating toward water packed fruits and vegges, when my body needed protein. Here is the problem with the whole “protein thing”. I do not eat dairy and my body is not a big fan of a lot of meat. Enter the incredible, edible egg!

With 6 grams of protein found in one large egg, it is the perfect “quick and easy” recovery food for my body.
Huevos al Fresca
– 1 Egg
– about 1 tablespoon Water
– Baby Spinach
– Herbamare and Black Pepper
– 2 slices Tomato, diced
– Corn Tortilla
– Salsa
Whisk together one Egg, Water, Herbamare and Pepper. Sprinkle in a few torn Baby Spinach leaves.
Microwave for 1 minute.
While egg cooks, dice tomato slices.
Stir egg and continue to cook about 30 seconds.
Heat Corn Tortilla if necessary to make pliable.
Layer Salsa, fresh Spinach, diced Tomatoes, and Egg Scramble inside the Corn Tortilla.
Et Voila!
What is your favorite post workout recovery meal/snack?

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9 thoughts on “Recovery Breakfast….

  1. Oh, this egg dish looks so yummy and healthy! I don't work out that much but I usually go for long walk in the morning on my day-off and I would order veggie ommlette for breakfast. Now I know why I feel great because I eat eggs, ha ha!!!P.S. I'm so behind in reading food blogs because I have to work a lot lately, I'll come back to read your other posts that I've missed tomorrow:)

  2. Mmm, that looks like a delicious post workout meal! Mmm! I never eat eggs after a workout, but I've never thought of it! What a great protein source! ❤ jessxoxo

  3. I'm sorry! I get dizzy occasionally when exercising (then it continues for a week almost all the time). Good to know about protein for post exercise food =D.

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