Secrets, Secrets….

Hello, Everyone! Long time no blog! I know you are probably waiting for more recipes. Well, patience is a virtue. I have been taking time to focus more on the people in my life than on the food in my life. Basically, I have been eating boring meals and repeat meals. (Though, I did create a new pound cake recipe that will be posted soon.)

Foodie highlights of late include:

1) Introducing my mom to the glories of the Spiralizer.

2) Baking another loaf of Oat So Good Bread (This time I used a “flax egg” and LOVED the results! This recipe is now Gluten Free AND Vegan! )

to use for sandwiches when my sisters in-law came over to play GF Guy’s new toy from Santa.

….I’m going to regret buying this for him…

3) Making “mashed potatoes” with an Orange Cauliflower.

4) Introducing my little sister’s new boyfriend to Fudgie Babies. He is a notoriously picky eater who is polite to a fault. Bless his heart…..

Today’s Highlight:

Today, I received an amazing package in the mail from my Bloggie Secret Santa, Kristen of Simply Savor. I was rendered speechless by her thoughtful generosity. Kristen’s gift included my favorite GF Oats, an adorable bowl (it’s the perfect size!), AND PB2 (which I have been sorely missing, as of late.). Being the thoughtful person that she is, Kristen also sent Christmas goodies for Dickens and GF Guy!
Dickens received a set of Gluten Free Bones, one of which he immediately devoured. GF Guy received his FAVORITE cookies, KinniToos. He was just as excited as Dickens about his treat!Thank you so much Kristen, from the entire family! You are officially the best Secret Santa EVER!

Coming up:
1) A new product review.
2) New recipes, including a new Pound Cake recipe.
3) Pictures of Dickens wearing his new Snuggie. (a gift from grandma!)


10 thoughts on “Secrets, Secrets….

  1. Ooh! Oat So Good Bread looks amazing! Can't wait for the recipe of pound cake, it sounds so interesting!What a lucky family! Kristen is really the best secret Santa!

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