Tricked Out Truffle Brownies

Sometimes I think I am absolutely crazy. I don’t really like chocolate and would much prefer a bowl of berries or watermelon for dessert than a cupcake or a brownie. Yet, I keep baking these crazy chocoholic concoctions! I have to literally force them on friends and family so they won’t go bad waiting for me to eat them. Don’t get me wrong… I love me some ice cream, but chocolaty, cake-like desserts aren’t my first pick. That being said…. I ended up with a TON of leftover Fluffy Vanilla Frosting after making my little sister’s birthday cupcakes. I couldn’t let all that frosting go to waste, so I threw together a crazy concoction. The result was a thick, fudge-y, diabetic coma inducing dessert sure to knock the socks off any chocoholic in your life! Enjoy! (Just be sure to have a glass of Almond Milk handy!)

Tricked Out Truffle Brownies

– 1 batch Gluten Free Pantry Chocolate Truffle Brownies
– 1/4 batch Fluffy Vanilla Frosting
– 1 cup Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips, melted

Prepare brownies and allow to cool completely.
Spread Fluffy Vanilla Frosting over cooled brownies.

Melt Chocolate Chips.
Pour melted chocolate over the Vanilla Frosting and create a “swirl effect” by spreading with a spatula.
Allow to set completely in the refrigerator before slicing into the ooey-gooey deliciousness!

My little sister ate one of these for dessert tonight (I am babysitting her, but calling it a sleep-over so she feels more grown-up.) and declared it a success! She is a notoriously picky eater so this is high praise, indeed! I, personally, can’t eat more than one bite of these Tricked Out Truffle Brownies without going into sugar shock, which makes them perfect for any dessert party involving teenagers! Is it okay that I said that? Oh well!

Now, I know I tempted you earlier with talk of a new Ice Cream recipe. It is coming. I am just having technical difficulties with the photographs. But, I promise you, it’s a good one! In fact, I had some for dessert tonight! Hopefully, I will be able to rectify the situation for tomorrow.

Also coming up this week:
– Almond Butter Blossoms
– Vegan Gingerbread Bears
– Apple Cider Roast Chicken with Cinnamon Spice Apples


6 thoughts on “Tricked Out Truffle Brownies

  1. I would always choose savory over sweet and while I like chocolate, I don't love it and prefer fruit. This morning, I am indulging in a shameless carbon footprint! A bowl of fresh cherries. I know, how could I consider such an outlandish purchase. I can't help myself. I have been picking up extra shifts at work just so I can afford this Chilean delight. I loose all my sensibility when it comes to cherries. I just noticed coming up this week includes Apple Cider Roast Chicken which I would love to have right this very moment as roast chicken is on our menu for dinner. It sounds wonderful! We have the best cider in MN from Pippin Heights. Usually we spend 4 weeks in Naples, Florida during the holidays and I have to freeze and bring jugs myself since I can't get any in your neck of the world. As soon as you post the recipe I am going to make another roasted chicken using my famous cider! We are getting a big blast of winter today!

  2. I wish I didn't like fudgey brownie chocolately things as much as I do! But I would probably eat a couple of these before going into sugar shock. 🙂

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