A Potato of a Different Color….

When I was little, I loved watching the technicolor part of the classic movie The Wizard of Oz. The beginning was just a mite too scary for me! I would fast forward through the black and white, screech to a stop when the color appeared, and disappear into the world of Oz. I used to dream of owning a “horse of a different color” like they had in Oz. How cool would that be? You could change your horses’ color to match your outfit!

Why this thought occurred to me at the tender age of 4, I will never know… but it did.

My love of colors has carried over into my adult life. It is evident in the food I eat, (Rainbow Chicken Soup, anyone?) the way I dress,(“Project Runway” contest with a school supplies theme)

and my friends.
(Each one very unique, but equally loved!)

Last night marked my second night as a Bachelorette/ Theater Widow. I baked three tins of Gluten Free/Vegan Brownies to take to the theater. (Along with a bottle of wine for the production team. Trust me…. they needed it….)

I used the Cherrybrook Kitchen Fudge Brownie Mix.

They were quick, easy, and delicious; just what the doctor ordered! I like cooking things gluten free and vegan when baking for a group. You never know what kind of dietary restrictions/allergies people may have. It’s just safer that way.

After delivering the tech week “survival kit” to the theater, Dickens and I headed home to prepare our own dinner. (Well… really just mine… But he offered terrific moral support!) The star of the first “Me Meal” was a toss up between Red Chard and Acorn Squash. “Me Meal” #2, however, has one uncontested star:

The White Sweet Potato, also called a Jersey Sweet

She may not be much to look at, but trust me, she has a GREAT personality!

I wrapped her in a beautiful piece of silver foil (boy did she look fancy!) and popped her in a 425 degree oven for about 1 hour.
Meanwhile, I steamed a some organic broccoli, yellow squash, and carrots, diced half of a Roma Tomato and a bit of Avocado, and reheated some of the Red Chard and White Bean mixture from “Me Meal” #1.
Once the potato was soft, I cut it in half (I’ll save the other half for later) and marveled at the color of the inner flesh.

How on earth was this going to taste like a sweet potato, I wondered! Well, it did! In fact, the New Jersey Sweet is now my new favorite! It has a mellow sweetness that pairs perfectly with tomato and avocado. It is also incredibly moist, which is what I was really worried about. To serve, I chopped my half into bite size pieces and threw it in the pool with the rest of my veggies. The result? HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read a great book (Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of The Future by David Wolfe) while enjoying dinner.

After dinner, I got to work making a fun meal for lunches this week that I have been meaning to make FOREVER!!!!! I incorporated a new, to me, ingredient sent to me by the lovely and unbelievably generous Gina of Vegan Strong. What is this new ingredient, you ask? Tune in tomorrow to find out! Until then, have a fabulous, blessed Tuesday!

B-day Question of the Day: Do you like or dislike birthdays? Why?

3 thoughts on “A Potato of a Different Color….

  1. I love the school supplies theme!! You are beyond adorable :)Glad you're making it through the week. I brought baked good to rehearsal on Sunday (no wine though, as there are 14 6-11 yr olds) and I was everyone's hero!I ❤ birthdays!! Such a fun excuse to have fun with people you love.

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