VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!….

Hello Everyone! I NEED YOUR HELP! I just applied for a position as the Sam-e Good Mood Blogger. The applicants with the most votes in round one will be asked to submit a video application for round two and then possibly be picked for the job. I really need this job! (musical theater nerd shout-out to A Chorus Line!) Please follow this link to vote for me, Gluten Free Gidget, as the next Sam-e Good Mood Blogger! I’m getting a late start. Voting ends next Friday, October 30th. Please spread the word and get your friends and families in on the voting! Thanks for your help! It is GREATLY appreciated!


8 thoughts on “VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!….

  1. I really enjoy your blog and just voted for you. It would help us remember to vote and make it easier if you could blog a little reminder each day that we can click on to go vote quickly. thanks for all you do!Penny

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