Yummy Gummy In My Tummy….

I recently received a surprise in the mail from my friend Susan and the folks over at Surf Sweets

Gummy Worms and Sour Berry Bears!!!!!!!!!!!

Surf Sweets Natural, Organic Gummies are a product I have been eye-ing for a few weeks now. Not only are they a kick back to a favorite childhood treat, but they are healthy!
Surf Sweets uses only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients for our candies, and they’re all free of artificial colors, flavors and GMOs,” says Bert Cohen, President and Founder of TruSweets, LLC, a socially responsible company dedicated to building, delicious sweet snack brands like Surf Sweets that are better for our families and our planet.
“Where most candy is sweetened with corn syrup, Surf Sweets is not,” Cohen adds. “They’re naturally sweet because they’re made with real organic fruit juice instead of corn syrup, and provide 100% of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of antioxidant Vitamin C.”
Additionally, Surf Sweets candies are gluten free, casein free, and allergy friendly, meaning that they contain none of the most common food allergens (wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish).
All Surf Sweets candy is produced and packaged in a dedicated nut-free facility. And
Surf Sweets has many delicious options for vegans and vegetarians as four of its candies are vegan (Fruity Bears, Gummy Swirls, Sour Berry Bears, Sour Worms) and five are vegetarian (Fruity Bears, Gummy Swirls, Jelly Beans, Sour Berry Bears, Sour Worms).

Awesome, right?! Aside from the health benefits, Surf Sweet gummies are actually delicious! They are sweet, without tasting artificial, fun to eat, and perfect for a treat. Kids will LOVE these! I know I did! 😉
Thanks Susan and Surf Sweets for giving me the opportunity to try these delicious treats!


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