Surprises and Sweetness….

I am one lucky blogger! These past few weeks I have received so many surprises from my wonderful readers and friends! I LOVE MAIL AND SURPRISES!!!!!!!

It all started the week I hurt my back. I was wallowing in misery when the postman knocked on my door. I slowly descended the stairs and peeked outside. I wasn’t expecting anyone or anything. Cautiously, I accepted the package and drug myself back up the stairs. I eyed the mystery package… oh who am I kidding! I scrambled like a little kid at Christmas to find the nearest pair of scissors! You will never guess what lay inside the box. Ashley, the blogger behind Dancing Through Life, sent me my very own box of Cream Hill Estates GF Rolled Oats all the way from Canada!

She read my laments about being unable to find them way down south in FL and totally hooked me up!

A few days later, another mystery gift arrived. This surprise left me in a total state of giddy bliss! My husbands’ ex-girlfriend, who is a wonderful friend and reader of my blog, visited Bob’s Red Mill in Washington. Out of the blue, she sent me this….

A Bob’s Red Mill towel and measuring spoon and COCONUT FLOUR!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to start experimenting with it! I seriously didn’t stop talking about how excited I was for a solid 15-20 minutes. Poor GF Guy! hahahaha

This week the lovely Gina of Vegan Strong sent me Buckwheat Groats

and 2 kinds of GF energy bars!

I know just the thing I am going to try first with the groats. BUT, you will have to be patient and just wait and see!

I can’t get over the selfless, generosity exhibited by the members of the blog world. You are all wonderful. I consider myself lucky to have “met” you.

In kitchen news, I currently am working on a new muffin/bread recipe. The jury is still out whether it is a success or not. Here is a sneak peak:
Pear-Berry Ginger Muffins/Bread

We shall see…


7 thoughts on “Surprises and Sweetness….

  1. HOORAY Surprises! Also I just want you to know that I am super excited about the package giveaway 🙂 After seeing the contest on your site I almost went to the store and bought gushers and fruit roll ups.

  2. Very fun! You will love the coconut flour. We use a great deal of it around here in our baking. It is worth doing some reading about in terms of using it as your flour to egg and liquid ratio is different. Enjoy all your new treats!

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