I have been going through serious kitchen withdrawal! GF Guy and I have been so busy lately. In addition to work, we have been house hunting, celebrating birthdays, and going to see the tours of So You Think You Can Dance and In The Heights! (BTW- If you get the chance, you MUST go see In The Heights. It is phenomenal!)

Well, this morning I had had enough! I took a look in my sadly bare refrigerator, poked around my pantry, and through a little of this and a little of that into my crock pot. Then, I prayed. Well, God heard my prayers!!!!!! I arrived home half expecting to be assaulted by the stench of burnt beans. Instead, my skeptical shnoze was greeted by the comforting aroma of fall flavors. GF Guy and I finally had a home cooked meal that wasn’t a charity meal provided by my mother in-law! (Who is wonderful, by the way!)
I am posting this recipe as my contribution to the What Can I Eat That’s Gluten Free blog carnival.

Without further ado, the recipe….

Halloween-y Pumpkin Bean-y Soup


– Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 1 yellow Onion, chopped
– 4 cloves Garlic, minced
– 1 (28oz.) can Peeled Whole Roma Tomatoes, chopped
– 2 cups Dried Black Beans (soaked overnight or cooked with the “fast cook method”)
– 1 (15oz.) can Pumpkin Puree
– 4 cups Low Sodium, Vegetable Stock
– 1/4 cup Coconut Oil
– 1/4 cup White Wine (not dry; I used a Riesling)
– 2 teaspoons Cumin
– 1 teaspoon Chili Powder
– pinch of Salt
– a few grinds of Black Pepper

Drizzle crock pot with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Place ingredients in the crock pot in the order listed.
Cook on low for 10 – 10.5 hours. (I didn’t plan ahead enough to soak my beans overnight. Instead I used the “fast cook method”. This is probably why I got away with cooking the soup for so long.)
Puree to desired consistency using an immersion blender.
Garnish with Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream. Enjoy!

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Apple or Pear?…

Apple or Pear? Which do you prefer? Why be forced to choose between the two and run the risk of hurting one of their feelings?

My current favorite fruit is a luscious fusion of both an apple and a pear. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you….


Also known as an Apple-Pear, the Asian Pear is a cousin of the pear with a taste similar to that of an apple. Asian Pear’s ripen on the tree, unlike the European Pear, and should be firm to the touch. They can be stored at room temperature for up to one week and in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.

I eat about 2 of these beauties a day when they are in season. They are just so sweet and juicy! I can’t help it! I’m an addict!
I stumbled upon a wonderful recipe for an Autumn Apple Cake by Gluten Free by Nature and was inspired to put my Asian Pears to good use. Here is my version of the recipe.

Asian Pear Cake

– 2 cups Asian Pears, peeled and chopped (about 1 1/2 Asian Pears)
– 1/2 cup light Agave Nectar
– 1 teaspoon Cinnamon
– 1/8 teaspoon Cloves
– 1 teaspoon Lemon Juice
– 1 cup Bob’s Red Mill Baking and Biscuit Mix
– 3/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
– 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
– 1/2 teaspoon Salt
– 1/3 cup Pecans, finely chopped
– 2 eggs
– 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
– 1/3 cup Coconut Oil, melted

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Line an 8×8 baking pan with foil and spray with non-stick cooking spray.
Combine Asian Pears, agave, cinnamon, cloves, and lemon juice.

Set aside.
In a medium bowl, combine baking mix, soda, powder, salt, and pecans.

In a large bowl, whisk eggs, vanilla, and coconut oil until sell combined.
Add Asian Pear mixture to the wet ingredients.

Slowly add dry ingredients to wet, mixing until combined.

Batter will be thick.
Pour batter into prepared pan and spread with a spatula.
Bake 35-45 minutes, until set.

Allow to cool completely before slicing.

We enjoyed this subtly sweet cake for my Father In-Law’s birthday tonight. It was like a little bite of fall… even if it is close to 90 degrees outside!

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Vote Talk and Cake Walk….

Hello Everyone! Have you voted yet today for me to become the next SAM-e Good Mood Blogger? Remember, you can vote for me once a day per computer or cell phone. The votes have been kind of slow today. I don’t know if I should give you the recipe I talked about this morning….

Ahhh… Who am I kidding? You all knew I would give you the recipe regardless.

Tomorrow, we are celebrating the birthdays of my father in-law and aunt (through marriage). I volunteered to make the cake. I wanted to make something a little different. Normally, Tita (GF Guys’ grandma) makes a chocolate sheet cake with thick chocolate icing full of gluten and dairy. I couldn’t veer too far from the norm so I decided to stick with chocolate. However, that is about where the similarities end. I didn’t have time to make anything completely from scratch. Instead, I employed a friend of mine named Pamela and her Chocolate Cake Mix.

Then, I made something up! Surprise!

Surprise, It’s Your Birthday Cake

– 1 package GF/DF Chocolate Cake Mix (like Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix)
– 4 Eggs
– 3/4 cup Oil
– 8 oz. Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream
– 1/4 cup Sugar
– 1 cup Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips
– 1 cup Confectioners Sugar
– 2 tablespoons Almond Milk
– 2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
Grease and Flour a Bundt cake pan. (I used Sweet Rice Flour)
Mix cake mix, eggs, oil, sour cream, and sugar until just combined.
Fold in the Chocolate Chips.
Pour mix into prepared Bundt pan.
Bake at 325 degrees about 1 hour, until a cake tester comes out clean.
Allow cake to cool in pan, on a wire rack, for 15 minutes.
Turn cake onto plate to continue cooling.
Combine Glaze ingredients.
Drizzle glaze onto warm cake.
Allow to finish cooling completely before slicing.

I, unfortunately, decided to attempt to move the cake to a different cooling plate and broke it in half. It’s a good thing my husbands family is so forgiving! HAHAHAHA! Oh, my life….. It’s the thought that counts, right?

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Your Daily, Friendly Reminder….

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See you tonight!

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I’ve Become Accustomed to Custom….

As many of you may know, I am a Cereal Monster!

(I’m a bit disturbed by the uncanny resemblance…)

I could eat cereal for every meal and be completely happy. GF Guy and I go through, literally, a box or two of cereal every week. (And this is after serious efforts to cut back on our consumption!)
Last week, I was contacted by a company called Custom Choice Cereal.

Custom Choice Cereal is a “create your own cereal” company that is entirely gluten free! If you are anything like me, I have watched enviously as other bloggers tried products from Mix My Granola and other create your own cereal companies. I sent emails trying to figure out if these companies could accommodate a GF girl like me. The answer was always no. Enter Custom Choice Cereal! Hajo, the owner and brilliant creator of Custom Choice, offered to let me create my very own custom mix! It was my dream come true!!!!! I rushed to the website to create Gidget’s Dream Come True Mix.
Here is the resulting creation:

And… here is how it came to be:

The creation process is broken down into 3 categories. First, you chose your cereal base. I chose good old fashioned corn flakes. The flakes used by Hajo and Custom Choice Cereal are hearty, crunchy flakes, not those paper thin ones that taste like cardboard. (You GF kids out there know what I’m talking about!) They held up beautifully in my almond milk and didn’t become soggy. Step number two was where the real fun began. This is where you choose what fruits you want to add to your cereal. Custom Choice offers everything from Apricots to Pineapple. Step three, you choose your nuts and seeds. I’m not one for nuts or seeds in my cereal, so I just added two fruit options. I was so excited when my cereal came in the mail I had a bowl that very night! My cereal is a taste of spring and summer all rolled into one beautiful bowl of sunshine-y goodness! For my mix, I chose the Corn Flakes mixed with Peaches and Strawberries! YUM!!!!! The quality of Custom Choice Cereals’ ingredients shines through with every bite. For all you gluten free, and non-gluten free, kids out there, I highly recommend checking out Custom Choice Cereals. Not only is it nutritious and delicious, it is unbelievably fun! Personalized cereal would also make an awesome gift for someone. Hmmmm…. that gets me thinking….

Thank you Hajo, for the opportunity to create my own custom cereal! You have a tremendous product!

VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!….

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Poulet, Purple Potatoes, and Pepper Oh My….


Are you paying attention now? 🙂

What a whirlwind life can be! I decided to take yesterday to relax, maybe curl up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of herbal tea…. That idea lasted about an hour. I can’t just “do nothing”. Instead, I went over to my mom’s for some girl time. We ended up talking, folding laundry, and playing with the dogs for about an hour. Good times had by all. Earlier in the day, we met with our personal trainer for an awesome work out. (I even broke a sweat!) I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and got into a fight with a chicken. Actually, the fight was more with the bag of giblets stuck inside the chicken. Let me back up, the chicken was frozen. I defrosted it in the microwave, but somehow the bag of giblets didn’t get the memo. The were cemented inside that bird like nobody’s business! I have never gotten so up close and personal with a chicken in my entire life, and I don’t plan on doing so ever, EVER again! The resulting meal was lovely though. I used an exciting ingredient. It didn’t really change the flavor, but boy was it entertaining!…..

Purple Majesty Potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So cool right?! I can’t wait to make purple mashed potatoes with these beauties!

Now for the recipe.

Slow Cooker Poulet and Potatoes

– one 4 pound organic whole Chicken
– 2 Yellow Onions (or one large sweet onion), chopped
– 2-3 stalks Celery, chopped
– Baby Carrots
– 2 Garnet Sweet Potatoes, cut into discs
– 2 Purple Majesty Potatoes, cut into discs
– 1 Gala Apple, chopped
– 6 cloves Garlic, smashed and roughly chopped
– 1 tablespoon dried Rosemary
– 2 teaspoons dried Sage
– 1/2 teaspoon ground Cloves
– Salt (or Herbamare) and Pepper to taste
– drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 1 tab Vegan Butter (Earth Balance)
– Poultry Seasoning
– 1/3 cup Apple Cider
– 1/4 cup White Wine

Place chopped vegetables (only one of the onions), fruit, herbs, and olive oil in the bottom of your slow cooker.
Remove the giblet sack from the chicken and rinse under cold water.
Massage Vegan Butter, Poultry Seasoning, Salt (Herbamare) and Pepper into the chicken, both on top of and under the skin.
Stuff the second onion into the cavity of the chicken.
Place Chicken on top of the vegetables in the slow cooker.

Pour mixture of Apple Cider and Wine over the chicken and vegetables.
Cook on low for 7-8 hours and on high for the last hour. (My timing was a bit off. I just sort of cooked until it was done.)

Serve over a bed of baby spinach.

The apples were a delicious, sweet addition to this dish. I bet an Asian Pear would be delightful as well!

I hope you enjoy this recipe! I have been cooking, but it’s been mostly repeats of older recipes. I don’t want to bore you with anything you’ve already seen! The weather finally cooled off here in FL for the weekend, but the heat is on its way back. Oh well, the cold was fun while it lasted. Even Dickens enjoyed the chance to don his “Mr. Rogers sweater”!

PS- I am still in need of Halloween costume ideas!!!!!!!!!!

Yummy Gummy In My Tummy….

I recently received a surprise in the mail from my friend Susan and the folks over at Surf Sweets

Gummy Worms and Sour Berry Bears!!!!!!!!!!!

Surf Sweets Natural, Organic Gummies are a product I have been eye-ing for a few weeks now. Not only are they a kick back to a favorite childhood treat, but they are healthy!
Surf Sweets uses only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients for our candies, and they’re all free of artificial colors, flavors and GMOs,” says Bert Cohen, President and Founder of TruSweets, LLC, a socially responsible company dedicated to building, delicious sweet snack brands like Surf Sweets that are better for our families and our planet.
“Where most candy is sweetened with corn syrup, Surf Sweets is not,” Cohen adds. “They’re naturally sweet because they’re made with real organic fruit juice instead of corn syrup, and provide 100% of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of antioxidant Vitamin C.”
Additionally, Surf Sweets candies are gluten free, casein free, and allergy friendly, meaning that they contain none of the most common food allergens (wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish).
All Surf Sweets candy is produced and packaged in a dedicated nut-free facility. And
Surf Sweets has many delicious options for vegans and vegetarians as four of its candies are vegan (Fruity Bears, Gummy Swirls, Sour Berry Bears, Sour Worms) and five are vegetarian (Fruity Bears, Gummy Swirls, Jelly Beans, Sour Berry Bears, Sour Worms).

Awesome, right?! Aside from the health benefits, Surf Sweet gummies are actually delicious! They are sweet, without tasting artificial, fun to eat, and perfect for a treat. Kids will LOVE these! I know I did! 😉
Thanks Susan and Surf Sweets for giving me the opportunity to try these delicious treats!

October in Florida….

WHY IS IT SO HOT!!!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love being warm. GF Guy jokes that I am “solar powered”. But seriously?! 95 degrees in October?! There has to be some sort of law against this! How am I suppose to cook pumpkin pie in this heat? It just doesn’t feel right. This calls for a compromise.

This months theme for “Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free”, hosted by Heather of Life, Gluten Free, is Pumpkin Treats. Pumpkin is, by far, one of my favorite foods. I mix it in oatmeal. I use it as a dip with carrot sticks. Heck, I even make chili with it! But… It is just too darn hot to cook around here! I decided to go a little out of the box and create something just to beat the heat. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

– 2 cans Coconut Milk
– 3/4 cup packed, Light Brown Sugar
– 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
– 1/4 teaspoon Xanthum Gum
– 1 cup packed, Pumpkin Puree
– 3/4 teaspoon Cinnamon
– 1/3 teaspoon Ginger
– 1/3 teaspoon Nutmeg
– 1/3 teaspoon ground Cloves

Combine ingredients in a blender until fully incorporated.
Place entire blender canister in the freezer for about 1 hour.
Re-blend for about 30 seconds, just to free the mixture.
Pour mixture into an ice cream machine.
Process about 25 minutes.
Pour into a freezer safe container and allow to harden to desired consistency.
Serve with Gluten Free, Dairy Free Graham Crackers (Kinnikinnick‘s S’Moreables are AMAZING!!!!) and LOTS of Cinnamon.

Pumpkin Pie Florida style!