Java, Java, Java, Java, POM…..

About a week ago, the wonderful folds over at POM Wonderful sent me samples of their new coffee drinks. I was super excited until I realized they contained dairy. Then, GF Guy was super excited because they now belonged to him!

GF Guy LOVES his lattes. Interestingly, he hated coffee until we started dating. Then I got him hooked. My bad! I used to drink an entire pot of black coffee, by myself, every morning. The story of my downward spiral into coffee addiction started at 9 years old. I wanted to appear more mature and grown-up. It seemed all the adults drank coffee, so that is what I did. Fifteen years later, I still enjoy the occasional cup of coffee in the morning. But, it’s no longer an addiction… or an entire pot!
Back to the product review…
POM Wonderful Iced Coffee comes in three delectable flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cafe au Lait.
I put them in the refrigerator for GF Guy. Then, every morning, I would pull his frosty stein out of the freezer, pour a POM Iced Coffee into his man mug, and put it back into the freezer until he returned from walking Dickens. The verdict? GF Guy LOVED THEM! His favorite was Vanilla. What can I say, I married a “Vanilla” kind of guy! “These taste like an Iced Latte!” Was his enthusiastic review. Two thumbs up! It was a sad day when he drank the last one. Overall, the POM Wonderful Iced Coffee drinks are a wonderful morning treat! If you love lattes you will love POM Iced Coffee.
Thanks again POM for allowing us to sample your wonderful new product!

Tune in tomorrow for Dinner With Disney!


4 thoughts on “Java, Java, Java, Java, POM…..

  1. Neither of us do dairy so I had to turn down the coffees, I did get some teas, though. Hoooray POM! Anywho, I think it is funny that you turned GF guy onto coffee because I got my dear husband started on coffee, too. He had never even had it before. Funny thing is, now, he likes it stronger than I do!

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