It Must Be Said…

I would like to begin this post by addressing an issue that has recently become a problem. This morning, I awoke to some negative, anonymous comments on my blog. I do not publish negative comments. However, I still have to read them. I began this blog as a means of helping individuals with food allergies and intolerances. When I first began my gluten free journey, it was food bloggers who gave me hope and helped me learn to navigate a gluten free kitchen. I merely want to give others the same hope and help that I received. This blog is not an exercise in narcissism or a means of “showing off my supposed culinary expertise”. I have had as many, if not more, kitchen disasters than successes. It took me years to gain confidence and find the joy of creating in the kitchen. I understand not everyone will agree with my every thought, word, and deed. That is what makes this world such a wonderful, diverse place. However, I do respectfully request that any criticisms made of me or my blog be kept strictly constructive. I am always open to learning something new. If your criticisms will enable me to grow as an individual than I welcome them. Otherwise, please refrain from commenting. I am sorry to post such a “downer”, but this issue needed to be addressed.
Thank you to everyone, from my readers to my fellow bloggers, who have supported me in my blogging adventures. You mean the world to me and never cease to amaze me with your creativity, kindness, and thoughtfulness. Thank you.


10 thoughts on “It Must Be Said…

  1. I feel like I'm reading one of my own posts, and that makes me very upset – I'm TERRIBLY sorry that you too are enduring unnecessary blog negativity. Hang in there and know that I'm here for you MORE than 100%.

  2. Katrina, I can't believe that anyone would post something negative to you, you've always been so sweet. And, I've never found you to be snobbish about your culinary prowess, in fact, you seem completely up front about how proud you simply are of how far you've come. I hope the comments die down, there's no need for things like that in this forum. People can suck (but not you!!).

  3. Kathrina your writing is simply brilliant! Your photos are beautiful. Your food ideas are inspiring. Who has time for negativity. Remember these individuals are saying a whole lot more about themselves than they are about you!

  4. aw Katrina I am so sorry to hear this! those accusations from anon are completely off point and well, stupid! don't let them get to you and keep doin' what your doing babe! you always have my love and support ❤

  5. Katrina–I am so sorry that some people have to be that way! Just know you are making an impact in this world and you bring joy to your readers..your blog is one that always brightens my day. Keep up the GREAT work and poo poo on that negative comment!Diana

  6. Okay, seriously? I do not know what is with all of the negativity floating around the blogosphere these days, but of all the people, I can't imagine why anyone would have anything bad to say about you or your blog!! You always present your posts in a sweet and fun way! I don't know why people don't just stop reading blogs they have a problem with instead of leaving a bunch of hateful comments! I think you handled it very well though 🙂

  7. Katrina – Unreal! I find it so fascinating that people say such mean things online b/c it's "anonymous"…and they would never say things like that in person. It is gutless at best. I'm very sorry that you have had to experience this. Have no doubt – the work that you are doing is helping many, many people! Keep it up! Thank you for all you do, Kim

  8. Negative commenters are like spammers and hackers IMO … I'm always thinking of all the good they could be spending their time to do instead. What a waste. Let it roll off your back, sweetie. These are insecure folks who lift themselves up by putting others down. I always like to imagine them having some epiphany later in life, like you see in the movies (think Bill Murray in Scrooged), but then I put them out of my mind.Hugs,Shirley

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