More Kefir Creations…

After reading about the numerous health benefits of Kefir, I have been looking for ways of incorporating it into my diet. You all know I am an ice cream fanatic. Naturally, that’s where my brain went. You can make ice cream from coconut milk and frozen yogurt from coconut milk yogurt. Why couldn’t I make something “ice cream like” with Kefir. The resulting dessert tasted more like a sorbet than a frozen yogurt or ice cream. It was, ans is, delectable. Tangy and sweet, this frozen dessert is sure to become a healthy household favorite!

Strawberry Kefir “Sorbet”


– 30 oz. Vanilla Coconut Milk Kefir
– 1/2 cup Sugar
– 1/4 teaspoon Xanthum Gum
– 10 oz. frozen Strawberries, defrosted

Combine ingredients in a blender until smooth.
Transfer to your ice cream maker and process about 30 minutes.
Serve as soft serve or transfer to a freezer safe container and allow to harden further.

GF Guy had 2 bowls! I think that should count as a golden seal of approval! The name, however, needs work. Does anyone have a better name idea? I originally called it Strawberry Kefir-Cream, but nixed that for obvious reasons.

Daily dose of Dickens time! GF Guy and I have been working looong days, so Dickens has been going to his Great Grandparents’ house. He loves the car rides!

He is such a little man!
Have a fabulous Monday, everyone!


7 thoughts on “More Kefir Creations…

  1. Hey Katrina, This is Sommer Hawthorne from good ole high school! I just wanted to say how much i enjoy your blog! I wish I was 1/2 as talented as you are in the kitchen, but nevertheless you give me a little courage to get creative. I check in here every morning! Keep it up! ps lovin' Dickens. such a cutie!

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