An Ode To The Freezer…

I now have a new appreciation and love for my freezer. Yesterday, less than one hour before we needed to be at Tita’s house for lunch, I received a text message asking if I was aware we were planning on celebrating Aunt Susie’s birthday at lunch. WHAT?! Apparently GF Guy got the memo, but neglected to pass on said pertinent information. Instead of spinning in to a panic, I put on my thinking cap. A few weeks ago when I first began experimenting with recipes to use the leftover Almond Milk Almond Meal, I baked a dozen Mini Banana Almond Cakes sweetened slightly with banana puree. We did not end up eating them right away. So, I put them in a freezer safe Ziplock bag and popped them into the freezer where they were promptly forgotten. Luckily, I remembered their existence yesterday! I pulled the mini cakes out of the freezer, defrosted them in the microwave, and slathered them with a Gluten and Dairy Free Cream Cheese Icing. A sprinkling of Cinnamon created picture perfect Birthday Cupcakes in a Pinch!

I’m not gonna lie. I felt like the perfect little Martha Stewart-esque homemaker. “It’s no problem. I just happen to have a batch of gluten and dairy free cupcakes right here!” Even better, they were a success. We returned home with a clean plate!
As a rule, I will freeze my extra gluten free baked goods for up to 2 months. (…if they last that long! We tend to eat them by about the one month mark!) Freezing baked goods retains their freshness. It is like having freshly baked goodies every time you defrost them!
Freezing baked goods also helps with portion control. How many of you have used the excuse, “Well someone needs to eat them or they are going to go bad” before diving in to a plate full of chocolate chip muffins? Instead of gorging yourself, eat one muffin and freeze the rest for later! Perfect!


5 thoughts on “An Ode To The Freezer…

  1. I love it! You are too cute with the pre-made cuppers =)I freeze my baked goods too. My little brother's won't touch them if they are vegan, and while it's nice to have a batch all to myself, I can't eat them all!

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