Raw Almond Milk… A Tutorial…

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! As many of you may have noticed, I have a distinct love affair with cereal. There are few things as comforting as curling up in a big fluffy chair with a bowl of your favorite cereal. It brings to mind fond childhood memories of Saturday morning cartoons and late night snacks with my mom. Ever since I can remember, my mom has eaten a bowl of cereal at night before bed. As a child, I began mimicking her habit. It was sort of our “thing”, our nightly bowl of cereal. Now that I am older and gluten and dairy free. I prefer my gluten free cereal with Almond Milk. I make my own and have become something of an “Almond Milk Snob”. I began making my own Almond Milk after reading the ingredient list on the boxes of pre-made Almond Milks. I couldn’t help but be disturbed by the number of ingredients. Why is there soy in my Almond Milk?! I do on occasion use store bought Almond Milk. It works well in baked goods, etc… because it is much thicker than homemade Raw Almond Milk. However, if I am going to be “tasting” the Almond Milk (ie- cereal, cookies and milk,…) I much prefer my own. My Raw Almond Milk contains 2 ingredients. That’s it! Here is a tutorial on how to make your own Raw Almond Milk.

Raw Almond Milk


– 3 cups Water
– 3/4 cup Raw Almonds

Soak raw almonds overnight in water.

Pour soaked almonds and soaking water into a blender.

In a blender, process mixture until almonds are a finely ground.

Pour almond milk mixture through a mesh sieve or cheesecloth.

Press with a rubber spatula or squeeze cheesecloth to remove as much moisture as possible.

At this point, you may add Agave Nectar or Vanilla Extract if desired. I prefer to leave mine plain. The resulting milk is not as thick as commercial Almond Milk, but dare I say much more natural…

Save the leftover Almond Meal! My next post will feature a splendid use for your leftover Almond Grounds.

11 thoughts on “Raw Almond Milk… A Tutorial…

  1. Hello Katrina,I'm back!!! I really love how you make Raw Almond Milk with great pics. It seems so EASY to make, I'll definitely give it a try real soon. Can't wait to find out how you're gonna use the leftover almond grounds.P.S. I'm so impressed with all your amazing posts. Thanks very much for such an inspiration!!!

  2. Very cool. Do you think this is actually cheaper than buying almond milk though? Just curious. It seems like it'd end up costing more and not lasting as long, and I don't use milks very often.

  3. Very cool post! I've always wanted to make my own! I hate the long ingredients list on the almond milk too, what's up with that?!Cereal is a favorite comfort food of mine. I would eat it all day long if I could!

  4. I just threw them away on Friday, it stank bc I left it out for 2 days – the part you can't use. I made this last week, thanks for giving me the idea (a while ago!)

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