Too Much Meat for Me…

Hello! Happy Wednesday! I didn’t blog last night due to tummy troubles. I think they were due to the rather large meat consumption by yours truly, yesterday. I know, very out of character! GF Guy made a dinner request, and I couldn’t say no. Le Sigh… The things we do for love!
Rewind to breakfast:
I started the day with 2 Comfort Muffins
and a baking project. I donated a batch of my Harvest Muffins to a blogger bake sale a while ago, but the winner didn’t want her muffins sent until August. Yesterday was the big day! I baked, cooled, packaged, and mailed!
Lunch was a small plate of leftover Thanksgiving In August and half of a Peanut Butter Chip Monkey Muffin (GF Guy and I always split our muffins!) I ate a larger lunch than normal because I knew dinner wouldn’t be until around 9:00 PM! GAH!
After smelling Harvest Muffins all morning, GF Guy requested Chili Sorpresa and his own batch of Harvest Muffins for dinner. I wasn’t really feeling the red meat. BUT, he so rarely makes dinner requests. I just couldn’t say no! I worked the closing shift today and didn’t get home until a little before 9:00. We didn’t sit down to eat until close to 10:00. Chili at 10:00 PM = Tummy Troubles!!!!!!!!!! It tasted yummy, but just didn’t settle quite right. Even though my portion was small, it was a little too heavy too late at night. My bowl was topped with a little Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream with Guacamole. (GF Guy ran to the store to buy sour cream and came back with this. He said he wanted me to be able to have some if I wanted it. Isn’t he the cutest?) I also had one of these Harvest Muffins on the side. GF Guy hoovered the rest! hahhahaha! Dessert was a Pear.
I am super excited about lunch today. I did all the prep work last night, because it needed to sit in the frige overnight to really come to its full flavor potential. Can you guess what is is?

I just reread my post… I am going to turn into a muffin! Mega Muffin overload! hahaha


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