2 Days Off…

Hello friends! This morning I embark on a beautiful, beautiful thing… 2 DAYS OFF!!!!

My little feet need it, like whoa! GF Guy did give me a foot massage last nigth, which was awesome. That definitely helped. Before moving on to my somewhat boring meals from yesterday and an exciting new product review, I have 2 questions/thoughts to share.

1) What is your opinion of buying produce local vs. organic. Is it better to leave a smaller carbon footprint, but buy non-organically grown local produce? Or, is it better to buy organic, no matter where it came from?
I posed this question to my Guru the other day. His answer: It is always better to buy organic. Even if your organic fruit is coming from New Zealand, it is shipped in such bulk that your part of that carbon footprint is really quite small. Non-organic, locally grown produce releases all sorts of toxins and chemicals into the air, soil, and water supply of your area. Yes, the carbon footprint, in reference to distance, is smaller. But, the negative impact of non-organic farming on your area and community far outweighs the benefits of its proximity.
What are your thoughts? I am not judging either way. I am merely curious and still trying to form my own opinion.

2) Yesterday, I saw a little boy running through the store. His flight was immediately followed by the booming voice of his father commanding him to “Stop running!” I understood the father’s reasons for shouting: safety, propriety, etc…. However, it got me thinking. When was the last time someone had to tell me to “stop running”? Why and when do we lose that joy and exuberance for our daily lives? When was the last time you saw an adult to excited that he/she just had to run? I challenge you to find that inner child. Run just for the joy of being alive. Your body is an amazing gift that can accomplish amazing things. Don’t waste it by sitting on the couch. Get out and run!

New Product Review time! I recently received a $1.00 off coupon from Turtle Mountain in honor of their nomination for the 2009 VeggieAwards. I have been wanting to try their newest product, So Delicious Refrigerated Coconut Milk, since I saw it in the refrigerator at work. This was the perfect excuse! I happily bought the Unsweetened flavor and trotted on home with plans to make ice cream (which you will see later). The actual flavor of the coconut milk was very mild and smooth. Each cup has only 50 calories, so it is definitely “light” coconut milk. It was A-MAZING in my bowl of cereal before bed!

Pros: Dairy and Gluten Free; Taste; Nutritional Data; Handy Resealable Container; 3 Different Flavors
Cons: ….
The Verdict: on a scale of 1 to 5 YUMS; 5 YUMS; I absolutely love this product and highly recommend it to any of my readers.

Good Eats:
Breakfast: GF Oats with Banana Puree, PB2, Cinnamon, and Light Coconut Milk = YUM-TAST-IC GOODNESS!

Lunch: Spring Mix, Celery, Carrots, Vegetarian Black Beans, and Salsa

Snack: (unpictured) Millet and Flax Crackers

Dinner: Quinoa Pasta topped with steamed Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts, Marinara Sauce, and Nutritional Yeast (aka Nooch) Here I am preparing everything in my tiny little kitchen. GF Guy like to take random shots of me when I’m not looking.

I put a little red wine in the sauce but couldn’t get the cork back in the bottle. GF Guy let me struggle for the sake of a blackmail picture before finally taking pity on me!

The resulting meal!

Dessert: Homemade Cinnamon Kahlua Ice Cream topped with a Mini Gluten Free, Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie

I need to work on this recipe before releasing it to the public. I used the So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk, but it did not have enough fat. The resulting Ice Cream was okay, but not GREAT.

I also had some cereal with coconut milk before bed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Did anyone else watch So You Think You Can Dance last night? I want Kayla or Ade to win! LOVES IT!

Moving on… My plans for these next two days include getting a hair cut and going on a date with my husband. Both are very needed! I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday! Look forward to a fun, new recipe in my next post!


10 thoughts on “2 Days Off…

  1. That coconut milk sounds yummy! Mmm everything does! Hmm, I am really interested in the first question. I personally feel better about eating organic. How about we combine the best of both world? Locally grown organic ๐Ÿ˜€ It was so interesting to read your guru's answer :)<3 jessxoxo

  2. wooo woooo hope you enjoy your well-deserved two days off! i loved your second point today — why don't i run around the grocery store with my mom anymore.. or go outside with my brother just to play with chalk on the pavement? i know it sounds childish – but i think we could all use a little more youthfulness in our souls. in the words of the joker "why so serious" .. why do i always feel the need to be "proper" and surpress my inner child?? sorry for all the rhetorical questions ๐Ÿ˜‰ ya got me thinkin!

  3. Glad to hear about your days off. I can just imagine you dancing the Snoppy dance.I love me some brussel sprouts. I wish they didn't get such a bad rap. Do you recommend a particular brand of nutritional yeast?Can't wait to try the coconut milk when I head back to the U.S. It would be so delicious in my oatmeal. Yum!

  4. umm, that ice cream sounds like you've got the right idea ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy your two days off!!so i'd disagree about the local vs. organic. if you go to a farmers market and talk to the farmers, alot of the times they are organic, but can't afford to officially be certified. of course in a store you don't know that, but if you can talk to them about their practices, you can learn alot!

  5. Love your pink tea pot!! And LOVE So You Think You Can Dance! Oh and Snoppy is adorable too! ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to try that coconut milk, gonna pick some up this week!

  6. enjoy your days off! the coconut milk sounds awesome! and i hope you share that ice cream recipe when it's right. cinnamon ice cream is my favorite!

  7. I try to buy local/organic ha! I really believe the pesticides can affect you over time, so organic first-if I have the chance to get to the store and get it. Otherwise Im stuck with whatever is at the mainstream stores. ack

  8. I very much disagree with your guru, I'm sorry.Honestly, there is no absolute and you shouldn't have to feel like there is a right path or a wrong path.And ttfn300 is correct. Talk to your local farmers. A lot of them practice organic farming but cannot afford the cost, time, and paperwork involved in getting is certified USDA Organic.And I have to very much rebutt the carbon footprint statement. As an ecologist, and I can 100% confirm that global warming and our overutilization of carbon-based fuels is a FAR more serious environmental catastrophe than whether or not your small local farmer is using some pesticides in his farming practices.It's a matter of scale.

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