Dairy Dilemma…

Hello friends! I had such a delightful day off today. It all started with an early church service, continued with lunch at Pop and Tita’s and a movie, and ended with a little reading and relaxation. All in all, a good day.
I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a Mac Truck, but now I feel much, much better. GF Guy has been so patient and kind rubbing my shoulders and tucking me into bed super early all week. I lurve him! 🙂 Anyhoot, seeing as how I felt dead this morning, food wasn’t exactly the number one thing on my morning agenda. I settled on a lovely little parfait of plain, non-fat yogurt, blueberries, and a nectarine.

This didn’t really sit well with my tummy, but that’s life.
Church was just what the doctor ordered. The sermon was from 2 Corinthians 4:7-12. Read it! Good stuff! While we were in the service the formerly sunny Florida skies decided to open up and dump the Gulf of Mexico on the city! Florida weather is so bizarre and unpredictable.
Lunch, was the typical Cuban fare at Pop and Tita’s. Tita made Picadillo, which I don’t particularly care for. But, she also made a vegetable and bean soup. The soup had pieces of Butternut Squash tossed in the mix, which was AWESOME! I ate the soup over a little rice with tomato slices, carrot sticks, and a bit of avocado.

I also had my usual dessert of cantaloupe and watermelon.
Here is where our day got interesting. GF Guy and I went to a historic theater called The Tampa Theater to see an old musical called The Band Wagon starring Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse. Afterward, we attended a “Cinema Chat” hosted by a local Film Professor. Did you know Fred Astaire was 64 when he filmed The Band Wagon? Crazy, right?! Michael Kidd did the choreography. There is a dance sequence towards the end of the film that looks like it was taken straight from Guys and Dolls! Okay… dorky musical theater moment over… 🙂 It was such a fun, cool thing to do in our lovely city. Next week, The Tampa Theater will be showing Food, Inc.! I am DEFINITELY going to see it!
We arrived home in time for dinner. A family friend from Jamaica sent over a delicious dish of vegetables and shrimpies. I dished out a portion for myself… yum! Soooo good!

I may have also had some Strawberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream….
My evening reading was my current fav book, Sleeping Naked is Green.

It raised an interesting question I have been mulling over for months, “To Eat Dairy, or Not To Eat Dairy? That is the question.” I have read article after blog, book after blurb about the dangers of non-organic dairy and dairy in general. I know I personally feel better when I avoid dairy. But… I really LOVE dairy. I know there are substitutes that are pretty darn yummy (Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream and Cream Cheese),

but there are also quite a few duds. I had to avoid all forms of Casein for one year. Reintroducing dairy into my diet is what helped me gain back the weight I lost due to undiagnosed Celiac’s. However, I have been feeling for some time now that at the VERY least, I should switch to organic, rennet free dairy products. The only thing holding me back is the expense. GF Guy and I go through milk like nobody’s business. We are both serious “Cereal Monsters”. A half gallon of organic milk costs twice as much as a whole gallon of regular skim milk. In my little world that is a LOT of money! I am having a hard time convincing the hubby it is worth it. I am going to try to slowly switch back to a dairy free lifestyle. Any recommendations/advice would be welcome. I prefer to make my own raw almond milk. I know a lot of people, including my own mother, drink Almond Breeze,

but the ingredient list is a little too long for my liking. I mean, my almond milk has 2 ingredients, almonds and water. That’s it! It just seems more natural than the PURIFIED WATER, ALMONDS, TAPIOCA STARCH, CALCIUM CARBONATE, SEA SALT, POTASSIUM CITRATE, CARRAGEENAN,
SOY LECITHIN, NATURAL FLAVOR, VITAMIN A PALMITATE, VITAMIN D2, AND D-ALPHA-TOCOPHEROL (NATURAL VITAMIN E) found in Unsweetened Original Almond Breeze… just sayin’. Well, I guess that’s my little “rant” for the day. Like I said, any thoughts on the topic would be welcome.
I work a 9 hour shift tomorrow and Tuesday, and a 6 hour shift on Wednesday. I am LOVING all of these hours! I am hoping to get a work out in before work tomorrow. The extra endorphins really help me get through 9 hours on my feet. I am also hoping to get my hair cut and attend a yoga class later this week. That’s the goal anyway. What are your mini-goals for this week?
Until tomorrow, may your day be filled with sunshine and rainbows!


9 thoughts on “Dairy Dilemma…

  1. My brother drinks almond breeze like it's going out to style. (He's also a cereal monster.) I use potato milk on my cereal as plain dairy milk gives me a headache and makes me quite lethargic.My mini (or big) goal this week is to finish my technical report for my internship. I hope I get it done in time!

  2. I understand your food quandary. I had to quit eating dairy about a year ago and got so thin that I looked sick. Today I can eat dairy, thank goodness. Quite often I hear or read that I shouldn't eat this or that. If I look for a reason to find something bad with a food I can find it. Then I go round and round with myself about "to eat or not to eat." In the end, I really try to listen to my body and eat so that I feel good. That's where I am with it today.

  3. So glad that you're enjoying the book! As for the dairy… I cut out gluten and dairy at the same time and as a result I feel great! I do enjoy Almond Breeze, but I really only use it for my cereal. We also buy organic, unsweetened soy milk in our house and that seems to be fine for us. You need to do what's best for you. Maybe you could do a combo of soy/rice/almond + organic milk? It would keep things interesting and help with the expense. I started buying organic and naturally raised meat for similar reasons and although it is more expensive, I feel better about what I'm putting in my body.

  4. I hope you get your dairy issues solved! That's no fun! Whatever works for your body is what's best! My family goes through milk like CRAZY so I know what you're saying. I say try organic dairy (or at least switch a few options) and see if that helps. If not, ease back. :)Glad church went well! I looked up those verses and WOW, they're incredible 🙂 Such a good message!<3 jessxoxo

  5. It's funny that you mention the Almond Breeze ingredients list. I noticed that just the other day, and it seems like a little bit too much. How do you make the almond milk? I might start trying that, because I've started feeling wonky after eating dairy. Greek yogurt and Cabot 75% reduced fat cheese are about the only dairy I can eat comfortably these days.Dairy free sounds nice, but I can't help but think about your blog the other day about soy. The more I cut out dairy, the more soy I find myself consuming…which is concerning as well. Aside from nut milks (and rice milk, which I haven't tried), I feel like options for milk substitutes are pretty sparse.

  6. I struggle with milk, but not dairy (organic) as a whole genre of food.True, we're the only mammal that continues to drink milk into adulthood. And that is weird. But forever way back into ancient culture, dairy was used to make other things (cheese, soups, etc).I see nothing wrong with that, from a food perspective.

  7. Wise words from Erin. Right now we don't have much of a choice on dairy because we can't buy soy, rice, or almond milk at the store. I did buy powdered soy at a health food store but realized that it's not fortified. Fortification is really important to E. and me since we're veggies. We'll continue drinking skim while we're in South America. Then maybe try almond milk.I love your descriptions of Tita's food. Nothing tastes better than grandma's cooking.Some of my mini goals this week include finishing our packing to move back to Buenos Aires for a couple months and say goodbye to all of my Chilean friends on Tuesday. (I hate saying goodbye.)Once we arrive on Wednesday I want to grocery shop and stock the new pantry (including peanut butter–yeah!)

  8. I'm back and forth on this dairy thing. I have been trying to avoid it, and just started to drink almond milk recently – but you are right, that is alot of unnecessary crap in the ingredient list. How do you make your own?

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