His and Hers…

Good Morning! My started with a bowl of Greek yogurt, raspberries and strawberries,

a workout, and GREEN MONSTERS!!!! GF Guy has really been getting into these smoothies lately. Unfortunately, we had to use regular skim milk instead of our homemade raw almond milk. It seems our last batch went bad… trust me, rancid almond milk is not pretty! But that okay! We forged on with regular milk and made His and Hers Monsters.

His Monster:
– 1 cup skim milk
– 1 frozen banana
– a bunch of frozen strawberries
– 2 handfuls spinach
– 1 teaspoon Agave Nectar

Her Monster:
– 3/4 cup skim milk
– frozen blueberries
– frozen mango
– 2 leaves of lacinato kale


GF Guy is rushing me. He wants to check out cars. We need another one.
Tune in tonight for a new recipe and a new post topic!


4 thoughts on “His and Hers…

  1. My husband loves green smoothies too. Although…he needs to learn to make them himself (I know smoothies aren't hard, but right now we just have a little Magic Bullet, so its kind of a process)!! Thanks for being so encouraging on my blog!!

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