Happy Friday!!!…

I am sitting outside as I type this. It is a gorgeous day here in Florida. The air is hanging heavy and sticky with the promise of an impending storm. It is the kind of weather that makes everything, even sound, feel as if it is moving in slow motion. Welcome to Florida in the summer! I love it! Sorry I haven’t been posting at night these past few days. I have been so wiped! Starting a new job always does that to me. It is a good kind of “wiped”, though!
To recap yesterdays eats:
Lunch- Salad with Carrots, Grape Tomaotoes, Pulled Pork, and Baked Beans (Odd combo, I know, but soooooo good! These leftovers need to be eaten ASAP!) AND… a few strawberries an watermelon, of course!
Snack- Truly Tropical Fruit Leather (eaten in the car on the way home from work)
Dinner- Veggie Sushi made with Brown Rice
AND… more watermelon!
I was sent home from work with a new Gluten Free product, or at least new to me. Bakery On Main Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Granola Bars.
I haven’t tried the yet, but they look decent. We shall see, my friends… We shall see….
Job #1 began this morning at 6 AM. My favorite thing about having a job with an early start time is that I don’t miss any of the day. I am up with the sun getting to enjoy every moment of its light! GF Guy always jokes that I am “solar powered”, a true Florida girl. (Ironic because I am so pale I match the sand on the beach!) I did have a brief moment of sadness this AM when I realized I didn’t win Coconut and Lime’s VitaMix giveaway. BUT, I dried my tears, put on my big girl panties, and moved on! Breakfast began as it has for the past couple of days. It has been hard for me to stomach much of anything as soon as I wake up. This is a huge change. For my entire life, no matter what time I wake up, I have always awoken with a crazy, voracious appetite. I always ate breakfast first, before doing anything. Now, it take at least an hour for me to develop anything resembling an appetite. …strange… shrugs… Anyway, I ate the last few chunks of watermelon (NOOOOOO!!!! I MUST GET MORE!!!!) and headed out the door. My real breakfast occurred around 10:00, Gluten Free Oatmeal with frozen strawberries and cinnamon. YUM!!!!!!!! I may have also crumbled a small piece of a Vegan Fig Newton on top after snapping the picture… just maybe. 🙂 After breakfast, I set to work vaccuming, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen,… all that fun stuff. I am hoping to get a quick workout in at some point today. It may be another water aerobics kind of day. 🙂 LOVE IT! I am excited I don’t have to work late tonight. That means I get to cook dinner! YAY!!!!! (I am such a domestic dork!) Until later then!


6 thoughts on “Happy Friday!!!…

  1. i am diggin' the sound of those granola bars… i'm all for anything with chocolate =) i love your domesticness! i wish i was as wonderful of a chef as you!! 🙂

  2. Let us know how the granola bars are! I like Bakery on Main Gluten Fee Granola but I haven't see the bars. Oh and I love love love Florida. We spend a great deal of time in Naples.

  3. Everything looks fantastic as always! I love to look at your fresh fruit pics, you've inspired me to eat more fresh fruits. Today I ate a big bowl of cherries, green grapes and strawberries, I feel so good.Good night, sleepy bear and have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Have you tried those Granola bars yet? I ask b/c my son & I tried them and they were almost too hard to even bite into. I hope we just had an "off" box. Kim

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