Guess What…

….I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s no big deal. It’s just part time at a local Health Food Market and Cafe, but I am still excited. I now have 3 jobs! At least I won’t get bored, right? I don’t need or even want lots of money. I just want to be happy, healthy, and able to help people. That, my friends, is my mission at the moment. So far, this mission has been a success. Here’s to many more successes, opportunities to grow and learn, and people who will touch my life in unimaginable ways! CHEERS!
Now… the day…
I buzzed around the house getting ready for the interview. Okay, I actually danced around. Here I am twirling for my husband, modeling my outfit. I arrived early and was in and out in under 10 minutes with a promise that I would be receiving a phone call by the end of the day. I had an hour and a half to kill before picking up my little sister from Zoo Camp so I went to Tita’s house. She lives about 5 minutes from my new job. We visited for an hour or so. She fed me watermelon (typical grandmother! Always feeding those who enter her house!) and regaled me with tales of her younger days as a dancer. It was a delightful way to pass the time. My little sis had so much fun at camp. She has decided she wants to be a “Vegetanarian” when she grows up! hahaha LOVE IT! She also thinks people shouldn’t use wood to build houses because it kills animals and destroys their homes. She is brilliant, sensitive, and cute when she wants to be! My phone rang as we pulled into my parents driveway. It was the Health Food Store calling to offer me the job! I start on Wednesday! YAY!!!
I headed home from there and was starvin’ marvin’! Thank goodness for the leftovers Tita sent us home with yesterday! I reheated some rice, white beans, and turnip greens and enjoyed them alongside half of a homemade GF hamburger bun smeared with SmartBalance. YUM! Then, my GF Guy took me out on a date! We were in a silly mood so we went to see Land of the Lost, the new Will Farrell movie. It was perfectly mindless with an homage to a certain Broadway musical that was kind of brilliant. I won’t tell you which musical. It would ruin the surprise! I love how GF Guy lets me keep up a running commentary during movies. I get so into them that I need to make exclamations aloud. (I’m an excitable little thing!) After the movie we headed home to just be cozy. LE SIGH! I had a mug of Rice and Honey Nut Chex (I mix them together for a sweet treat) for dessert. Eating cereal out of a mug is so much fun! I just love having a home!
In other news, I got accepted by Foodbuzz to become a Featured Publisher! It’s been a good day, huh? Here’s hoping the joyousness hold out! Goodnight and Sleep Tight!

P.S.- Check out the Yoga giveaway hosted by Heather at Health, Happiness, and Hope.
Erin of I Walk in This World is hosting a PB giveaway that looks pretty flippin’ fantastic.


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