I Am So Proud of Myself…

I just baked the best thing EVER!!!!!!!! As per usual, you have to wait to see what it is until later.
I went to bed right after blogging last night so I was up with the birds this morning. I snacked on the last of the Oikos Greek Yogurt (sadness) with a few grapes while catching up on emails. I didn’t feel like dirtying a dish so I just ate out of the container. Don’t judge! I saved water by only having to wash out the container! I learned this morning you can send your Stoneyfield Farms yogurt containers back to them for recycling. It’s hard to recycle them here because they are #5 containers. I hit them gym again, sweated up a storm (is that a word?), and got my heart pumping! YES! I arrived home to find my hubby patiently awaiting his Green/Multicolored Monster. I LOVE IT! We both had a mix of almond milk (for me)/a mix of skim milk and strawberry yogurt (for him), frozen berries, bananas, and spinach. Yummy in the tummy. It’s great that my hubby is drinking Green Monsters, but it presents a problem. We are going through Raw Almond Milk and Spinach like nobody’s business! Oh well! One could certainly have worse problems!
The rest of the morning was spent putzing around the kitchen creating a hot mess! I was starving for lunch and through together all the leftovers in the refrigerator to create a glorious smorgasbord of scrumptious foodie goodness! I layered steamed broccoli, leftover broccoli and pasta from last night, a Kale and Fire Roasted tomato pasta sauce, and the last of the Veg-Tastic Veggieburgers topped with a light dusting of Parmesan Cheese! MWAH! I am still full from this meal. It was so much veggie goodness! I can hardly stand it!
Now here is my grand kitchen experiment…

Gluten Free Hamburger Buns

I borrowed a bread recipe from The Gluten Free Goddess, made a few substitutions to account for altitude differences, etc… and VOILA!

My changes included using 2 real eggs instead of the Egg Replacer for 1 egg, using 1 less tablespoon of oil, and omitting the vinegar (the vinegar part was an accident, but they still turned out just scrumptious!)
To make the “bun” shape, I formed molds using aluminum foil sprayed with Cooking Spray. Nifty, huh? Aluminum foil is an A-MAZING thing. Then, I followed the bread recipe. The dough should resemble a quick bread dough vs. that of typical “kneadable” gluten filled dough. Like this: My tip for getting the proper temperature for bread to rise is this: Preheat your oven to 200 degrees while you prep the ingredients. When the oven reaches 200 degrees turn it off. By the time you are ready to let your bread rise, the oven will be at the perfect temperature. Simply cover your bread with a towel and place it inside the oven. The End!
Anyway, this is what the buns look like in the molds after rising, but before cooking. AND here is the finished product! Don’t they look A-MAZING?! I am super excited to use them tomorrow night at the Pulled Pork Sandwich BBQ! My hubby requested one of my homemade buns instead of a regular gluten filled bun! YAY!!!!!!

Different topic: I received an email from a reader asking about the difference between PB2 and Better N Peanut Butter. When I tried to respond the “Mailer Demon” kept sending it back to me. BOO! To that reader, try to email me again, but this time include your email address in the body of the email. Thanks!

Today is the last day to enter my 100th Post Giveaway!

One more thing! I am going to my first Gluten Intolerance Support Group tomorrow afternoon! I am a little nervous, but more excited than anything! My husband is going to come along for moral support. Okay… now I’ve got to get to the grocery store. I need to marinate the meat for tomorrow overnight!


8 thoughts on “I Am So Proud of Myself…

  1. please please please i beg you to move in with me and be my personal chef.. the hubby can come too =)! speaking of your husband, thats so sweet that he's going to join you tomorrow at group! I hope it goes well ❤

  2. Super cute buns!!! Enjoy your support group – that is awesome! I like to think of the blogworld as a support group of sorts. It will be great for you to connect with other people in your city who also have issues with gluten. Have a fantastic weekend!! Can't wait to see your pulled pork goodness

  3. Just stopped by because I say your comment on Soap & Chocolate about "you might be a health blogger if…"and you said "when people ask you what you are up to you ask, "Did you read my latest blog post?"HAHA..HILARIOUS! Love it and utter those words about 3 times a day!

  4. To make forms for the hamburger buns, find a can that is the diameter you need and then wrap the aluminum foil around that. If you press the foil on tightly, you'll get a smoother side and it'll be easier to pull the buns out of the foil. When you pull the foil off, just be careful not to push in the forms anywhere. Bingo, identical sizes of buns!

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