Going Green…

My husband and I ran into one of his friends from high school in Super Target today. Guess what, she lives right across the street from us! CRAZY, RIGHT? I think a dinner party is in order!
Now… would you like to see my culinary creation from this afternoon? Too bad! You’re going to see it anyway! 🙂
Behold, my perfect, Gluten Free, Whole Grain Sandwich Bread! It came out perfectly cooked with a firm crust and springy, moist middle. It’s about time I baked a successful loaf! I have had a few readers ask me for my recipes. Unfortunately, I can post many of them right now due to my current business venture. But I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Dinner was… green… very, very green. I based my recipe on this recipe by Wendy of Celiacs In the House. Spinach Pesto Pasta with Feta: The Spinach Pesto was a pain in the rear to make. My blender is the weakest thing EVER!!!! Seriously, I need a powerful food processor and blender like nobody’s business! This week has been kitchen disaster after kitchen disaster (that luckily I have rescued) all caused by this little contraption. The pesto took about 45 minutes to make. That is a bit excessive, in my humble opinion. The upside is we have plenty of pesto leftover. I plan to buy an ice cube tray tomorrow and freeze cubes of pesto for later meals. Then, when I am ready to use them, I simply need to defrost a cube or two and toss it with pasta spread it over a piece of salmon. Quick and easy!
Now it is time for something fun and new….. GLUTEN FREE CINNAMON CHEX! (I had to use the picture from the General Mills website because my iPhoto is being weird again. That’s why the Honey Nut Chex are included in the picture.) We found these in Super Target today, causing me to squeal and do a little happy dance in the cereal aisle! I cracked the box open for dessert. They tasted just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch!
Cinnamon Chex are a perfect dessert or children’s cereal. I don’t think I, personally, could eat these first thing in the morning. However, they are a fun treat! Great job General Mills! Two thumbs up!
This has been post #97. Don’t miss out on my 100th Post Giveaway!
Speaking of Giveaways:
1) Ali and Tom of Whole Life Nutrition have a very cool pumpkin seed flour giveaway going on right now. Check out their blog for more information.
2) Katie at Chocolate Covered-Katie is hosting a mix your own granola giveaway.


4 thoughts on “Going Green…

  1. Your bread looks amazing!!!That's so funny that you're talking about the Chex. I was in Amherst, NY shopping yesterday and I saw the boxes of Chex marked gluten free and thought it was so cool!!! And yes, the blondies are stellar. I'm making them again tomorrow for a pot luck!

  2. I just tried the cinnamon chex yesterday, and my first thought was how it tasted just like cinnamon toast crunch!And, in reply to your comment, if I'm having trouble rolling stuff out I just refrigerate it for a couple of hours and dust both the counter top and rolling pin really well with rice flour. Hope it helps!

  3. I checked out the Chex website, and along with info about their gluten-free cereals, they also have some gluten-free recipes for snacks on the go. I'm sure that all of them are 100% GF, but substitutions can be easily made. I'm stoked!

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