I DID IT!!!! I MADE A GREEN MONSTER!!!!!!!!! Rewind to this morning… I ate a quick bowl of Rice Chex (It was so quick my camera missed it!) and headed to the gym for a bike ride and Jillian abs, butt, etc…. Then, I hit the kitchen, Raw Almond Milk time! I pulled out the bowl of almonds (3/4 c.) I soaked overnight in water (3 c.), poured it in the blender, and blended the heck out of it. Then, I strained it through a coffee filter (I didn’t have any cheesecloth) and added a splash of Gluten Free vanilla extract and Agave Nectar. PERFECTION! Then I got to thinking… I’m hungry. I need a post work out snack. I have Raw Almond Milk, a bag of spinach, and a frozen banana. IT’S TIME TO MAKE THE ELUSIVE GREEN MONSTER!!!!! I tossed the 3 ingredients into the blender and danced a little in anticipation. TA-DA!!!!!!!!!! I give you my very first Green Monster. Cheers! I look all calm on the outside, but this is how I was really feeling! (Pardon my appearance. I still haven’t showered after my workout.) Guess what? IT WAS A-MAZING!!!!!! I AM SO PROUD AND EXCITED!!!!! Thanks Angela for showing me the way of the Green! AND… thank you Lauren for showing me the way of the Almond! 🙂


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