Gym Bunny….

Angela, from Oh She Glows (one of my favorite blogs), just completed her BBBC (Bikini Body Boot Camp) Challenge. She posted her results and Before and After photos today. They are so inspiring! She was in good shape to begin with, but now she looks A-MAZING! It inspired me to get my little rear in gear! I packed my little gym bag this morning with the essentials: water, cell phone, In Style
I only went to the complex gym to use the recumbent bike. The magazine made the time fly by! I biked over 10 miles. Then I ran back to my apartment (literally) to do some toning. This time, I did Jillian’s Butt Buster workout, part of her Ab workout, and a few things of my own. I don’t own any free weights, which are required for the ab workout, so I improvised. Behold, the Yankee Candle Weight! My husband always laughs at the random things I find around the house to use as weights. I used a pair of his shoes yesterday! After my workout, I died for about 4 minutes. Then it was time to putter around the house, do laundry, shower, etc…. No rest for the weary, my friends! Lunch was leftovers from last night’s dinner. Steamed Broccoli topped with my homemade Kale Marinara Sauce and a dallop of Tofu Ricotta. It was actually better the next day, but I may have been a bit heavy-handed with the Garlic Powder last night… oops! 🙂 Now, I’m doing some more puttering. Tonight, the hubby and I are taking my little sister to see Up. Not gonna lie, I think we are more excited than she is! HAHAHAHA!

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7 thoughts on “Gym Bunny….

  1. LOL! I love that pic of you passed out! 🙂 That lunch looks great, I love broccoli with marinara..and kale makes it even better! Mmm!Thanks for comment on my blog name. I am not a red head (I’m brunette), but my dog sorta is..her name is Ginger and she’s got a golden redish color..that’s where the blog name comes from. But Pink IS my favorite color! Glad you like it! Your blog is great as well! Wish I didn’t miss that giveaway!

  2. I saw that you posted over on EatLiveRun about worrying that green smoothies wouldn’t fill you up in the AM. I’ve thought the very same thing! So, this morning I took made green blended oat bran ala Polly (Yoga is Yummy)and I loved it! Although, I added a half a banana which I’m not sure Polly does…regardless it was a great morning alternative to the GM and I couldn’t taste the spinach at all! As far as I know oat bran is gluten-free…

  3. Candi: Thanks for the tip! Oat Bran is not gluten free unless made from certified Gluten Free Oats. It is only wheat free. I do have GF oats, though, so maybe I could try blending those down and adding them to the mix!

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