Moving Through a Cloud…

I was EXHAUSTED yesterday! My body needs 7 1/2 hours of sleep, not 7, not 8, but 7 1/2. I got 4… 4! I was an irritable, irrational, emotional, nauseated little bear all day. I even got car sick on the bus! I didn’t feel like eating healthily. I wanted greasy, chocolate-y, caffinated junk! Fortunately and unfortunately gluten free junk food was not readily available yesterday, so I was forced to eat the way I normally would. Breakfast consisted of a Plain, Fat Free Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt and Blackberries. (This was at 6 AM, mind you. For someone who works in theater this is an hour rarely seen!) By 9:00 I was hungry again so I munched on an organic Pink Lady apple. Then I ran a few errands, came back to the hotel to meet up with “L” and we went to the George St. Co-op. I bought a Passionberry Kombucha (a new flavor for me) and a Black Bean Quinoa salad for dinner. Lunch was eaten on the bus en route to Philly. I had organic, vegan sushi from Namaste Cafe. I was super excited to try this sushi. Everything was organic. The rise was cooked in reverse osmosis water. Instead of soy sauce, it was served with Braggs Liquid Aminos! Everything sounded A-MAZING!… Unfortunately, with the exception of the fresh pickled ginger, the sushi was quite bland. The brown rice had a distinct nutty taste that was pleasant and the Braggs was an A-MAZING idea. But, other than that, I was underwhelmed. Oh well… you can’t win them all.
We got to our hotel around 2:00. The hotel is 13 miles from the venue! Apparently, there are a ton of graduations and conventions in Philadelphia this weekend. It was impossible to get a hotel any closer. So, basically, we are staying in the middle of NOWHERE! I had to wait half an hour to get into my room because the hotel computers were down. (keep in mind that I’ve had 4 hours of sleep) I should have gone to the gym, but instead I sat in my room and stared mindlessly at my computer and Oprah. For dinner (this was around 4:45… I was hungry! Don’t judge!) I nuked a sweet potato (yes, again), cubed it, and topped it with the Black Bean Quinoa Salad I bought earlier in the day. To quote VeggieGirl… HOLY YUM! The lime and cilantro in the Quinoa combined with the sweetness of the sweet potato… LE SIGH… heaven in a little, microwave safe, plastic bowl! I then dug in to a new treat I bought at the Co-op, Gopal’s Nori Wrapped Power Wrap in the Mexican flavor. 3 words… DON’T… DO… IT! It may be vegan and all kinds of healthy, but it is not yummy. I had one bite and almost spit it out! I didn’t exactly have the most successful day with trying new foods. Did I?
After dinner, it was off to the theater to try to smile and be pleasant without yawning in people’s faces. My A-MAZING husband met me in the lobby with his special Starbucks creation, a tall, skim, decaf, extra-hot latte with one sugar in the raw and a few shakes of cocoa powder. It was just what I needed! LE SIGH… perfection. He was just even more exhausted than I was. He, along with the crew, only got 2 hours of sleep before having to start load-in! CRAZINESS!
We stumbled back to the hotel after the show. I ate a bowl of Gluten Free Corn Flakes (duh!). And then… we crashed! I woke up this morning after 7 1/2 hours of sleep completely restored and with a whole new outlook on life! It’s amazing what sleep can do for a person! I am ready for a two show day. BRING IT ON! Until next time!


One thought on “Moving Through a Cloud…

  1. Hi! I’m actually not from any of those places! I’m traveling all of the US an Canada with a Broadway show. Actually, it closes this weekend in Philadelphia. After that it’s off to sunny Florida!Thanks for the “chicken” link! I’ll research that brand a little more, but you are right. It does appear to be gluten free.Thanks for the add to your blog roll!

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