The Real Housewives of New Jersy…

Has anyone seen Bravo’s newest installment in their Real Housewives of… series? Well, it is New Jersey, and I think I 3/4 of the women I met last night could have been featured on it! The women in New Jersey are CR-AZY! I don’t mean this in a bad way. They are just very, very unique in a loud, big haired, bold, heavily accented kind of way! Anyhoot… I never did get “dinner” hungry last night. I ate another cup of gluten free corn flakes and a red pear before the show… and yet ANOTHER cup of corn flakes after. There were 2 receptions for us after the show, but I couldn’t eat anything at either. I actually didn’t mind since I wasn’t very hungry. Here are a few pictures from the evening.
In other news… the restaurant search website Urban Spoon has added a “Gluten Free Friendly” search option! YAY!!! This new search option makes it infinitely easier to find safe restaurants when traveling, or even at home! I used Urban Spoon to find Namaste Cafe yesterday, and plan on using it, and suggestions from a few bloggers (shout-out to Michael over at Gluten Free Philly and Jill of Hey, That Tastes Good!) this weekend in Philadelphia. Our show closes on Sunday!!! AHHHH!!!! Okay… I am now going to get breakfast, shower, run errands, and get my life in order before heading to Philly this afternoon. Over and Out!


3 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of New Jersy…

  1. I have Real Housewives Tivo-ing I missed it when it first premiered but I know this season will be outrageous. I have never tried a search through Urban Spoon, I’m excited Austin is one of the cities I can search, thanks for sharing!!

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