Pretty Colors and Bug Guts…

Last night after the show I wasn’t very hungry. I ate a simple bowl of Rice Chex and watched the Miss USA pageant on Hulu before hitting the sack. Personally, I think Miss California’s answer to the gay marriage question was excellent! We live in a country where it is supposedly okay to have different opinions. That is part of our freedom as US citizens. She was not “judging” people for being gay. She was merely expressing her personal beliefs. She should not have been penalized for being herself and giving an honest answer instead of saying what she knew the judge asking the question “wanted to hear”. (Okay… stepping off my soapbox now.) I was up at the obscene hour of 4:00 this morning for bus call. I ate another bowl of Rice Chex at 5:30, did the USA Today crossword puzzle (I am obsessed!), and read 1776 all before our first rest stop. Around 10:30, I ate a beautiful, Golden Delicious apple and sipped the rest of my Kombucha from yesterday. (I can never drink a whole one in one day.) I read some more of 1776 and napped a little before our lunch stop. It was GORG-EOUS outside. So, I had a little picnic in the parking lot while watching our bus driver (most awesome driver EVER!!!) scrape the bugs off the bus windshield. (appetizing, huh?!) I ate lovely little salad I made the other day at Fresh Fare. (Spinach, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Blueberries, a Strawberry, and 2 pieces of Pineapple. I added some Tuna and Balsamic Vinegar to round out the meal.) Pretty colors! I also ate a teeny little banana. Now, I am sitting in our hotel lobby waiting for…. MY PARENTS!!!!!!! I am so excited! I get to spend the night at home tonight AND tomorrow night. Then, I will be flying to Wilkes-Barre, PA to meet back up with the group. My mother-in-law is also coming tonight. And… my sister-in-law baked me gluten free banana bread! I have the best family EVER! Up… my mom just texted me. I’d better get going. Until next day, my friends!
Question: What is your favorite thing/tradition your family does?

P.S.- Check out Gena’s giveaway on her blog, Choosing Raw.


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