Productive Morning…

I have had the most glorious morning! I did a core yoga podcast and was feeling ambitious so… I RAN OUTSIDE! I think the last time I went running that didn’t involve a “dreadmill” was in elementary school! I only lasted a little over a mile. But, I STILL DID IT! I also ran up and down the hotel stairwell a few times. I’ve got to get my booty lifted for the summer! After my workout and shower I was a hungry little bear. I have been craving black beans like nobody’s business lately, so I made a Dr. McDougall’s Black Bean and Lime soup cup. <img style="display:block; margin:0px auto 10px; text-align:center;cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;width: 400px; height: 300px;" src=" These soups are a great “road” food. You just need to add hot water. I usually just run water through the hotel coffee pot. It works like a charm. I also had a delicious apple. This meal was a pretty big one for me, so I was quite full afterward. In fact, I am still pretty full! I normally eat smaller meals and will have a snack of two throughout the day. But, the soup was what my body was craving, so I went for it! After lunch, I busted out the shorts (first time of the season!!!) and ran some errands (Office Depot, the grocery store). One of the things I enjoy about tour is all the walking I get to do. Since I don’t have my own car, I have to walk everywhere I need to go. It’s something I wish I did more often at home. I stocked up on the usual suspects at the grocery store: Pre-washed and cut Veggies; Hearts of Romaine also pre-washed; Blueberries (because they are so “berry” good!); and a Chobani 0% Greek Yogurt for a treat Rice Chex; Tuna (x2); Dr. McDougalls Pad Thai soup cup

I also bought my OH his cereal of choice, Frosted Mini-Wheats, (I know… I know… I cringe every time I buy them!) and some skim milk.

And now for the Guest Blogger Food Review I promised you!

“P” tested the Enjoy Life Boom Choco Boom Dairy free Dark Chocolate Bar. Pros: Rich Taste; Smooth Texture

Cons: None!

The Verdict: on a scale of 1 to 5 YUMS; 5 YUMS What can I say, “P” loves his dark chocolate!

“G” reviewed the Enjoy Life Boom Choco Boom Rice Milk Bar.

“G” is actually lactose intolerant and a chocoholic, so this was the perfect product for him! Due to his extreme amount of experience with gourmet chocolate, he was a very critical taste tester with a discerning palate. Here is his review in his own words:

“I reviewed the regular chocolate bar and give it 3 out of 5 yums. It much resembles a Hershey bar. Nothing spectacular but its a good dairy-free alternative to those who cannot have a Hershey bar.”

And last, but certainly not least, “K” reviewed the Enjoy Life Boom Choco Boom Crispy Rice Bar. (Sorry no picture. Next time, “K”!)

Her review, in her own words:

“…gives it 3 yums. It very much resembles the Krackel Hershey bar with less “krackel” and more Hershey. Mild taste, no funny after taste. A good dairy-free alternative to Krackel and similar products.”

A special thanks to my guest bloggers! Now, I am going to read before heading to the theater. I just started reading 1776. So far, so good!


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