Time Keeps Flyin’ By…

I need to keep this thing up to date! It feels like I have done nothing but “catch-up” posts this past week! Yesterday, was a day spent in the airport. We flew from Tampa to Kansas City, MO. Then, we spent 7 hours waiting for everyone else to arrive before driving the bus 90 minutes to our hotel. It was a loooong day. This time, I was not so lucky with my airport food findings. I ended up eating the leftover sweet potato and roasted veggies I brought with me for lunch. Dinner was a strange combo of hardboiled Easter eggs, an apple with PB2(which is great because it can travel through airport security, unlike regular PB) and a few bites of the chocolate, chocolate chip, Chocolate PB2, banana bread I made last week (it was on it’s last legs).
This AM, I ventured downstairs to the continental breakfast, grabbed 2 hard boiled eggs (ugh more eggs!) and some applesauce, and went back up to my room to get some work done. About an hour later, I had a few more bites of the Chocolate PB2 Banana bread. Unfortunately, it did not sit too well with my stomach. My appetite has been off since then. I had a little bit of fruit, but that’s it. BLAH! I WANT TO GO HOME!!!! (okay, regression over….) It is just so hard to remain positive all the time. I downloaded a yoga podcast this morning that focused on positivity. It helped a little, but I am still a little down today. I just miss my family. Please pray that I will be able to focus on all the things God has blessed me with and continues to bless me with everyday.
I have pictures to post, but my iPhoto is freaking out right now. I will post them as soon as I can. I also have a product review from yesterday. Again, once my iPhoto calms down I will post it. Until tonight!


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