On the Road Again…

Hello, All! I’m sorry I have been remiss in my posting. Yesterday was a loooong day of travel. We drove from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM from Detroit, MI to Lancaster, PA. Not too much happened on the drive. Here are my daily bus eats. (breakfast and lunch)
My lunch salad does deserve mention. It was D-licious!
It included: Romaine lettuce, peas, mushrooms, carrots, beets, chickpeas, artichoke hearts, bell peppers, one egg white, strawberries, pineapple, and balsamic vinegar. YUM!
Once I finally arrived in Lancaster, my OH and I went to a local place called Senorita Burrita for dinner. I got another salad with Romaine, bell peppers, black beans, brown rice, and the medium house salsa… I also ate 3 Pamela’s chocolate chip cookies for dessert…. DON’T JUDGE ME! hahaha
After dinner, my BFF from high school came over to the hotel for a visit. It was so great to see her. We ended up talking until 1:00 AM! whoops!
Today I went to Central Market with PD in the AM and then with my OH for lunch. I will post pics and details of my day later. My internet is soooooo sloooooowwwww! Bye!

Peace Out Detroit and the Promised Pics…

Hello, Everyone! This weekend has been a challenging one for me both emotionally and food wise. My meals were basically whatever I could throw together at the theater, “just add hot water” to, or simply snack on straight from the box. Detroit has not proved itself, in my humble estimation, to be my favorite city. The theater, however, was GORGEOUS! Here’s a picture.

I am the tiny little person behind the booth. “HI”!

Today, I had my usual oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast. I had to wait until I got to the theater to make it because I don’t have access to a microwave at our hotel. For lunch I had my last greek yogurt and some “just add water” Black Bean soup. Dinner was more of a challenge. It consisted of a Cherry Pie Larabar, a few fistfulls of dry Whole O’s, and an orange. (It was very unsatisfying and left me feeling slightly ill.) I honestly can not wait to leave Detroit in the morning. We are going to Lancaster, PA for four whole days! YAY FARMER’S MARKETS AND FRESH PRODUCE!!! I will also get to see some old friends, and I am super excited about it! I will try to take lots of pictures of my capers!
And now…. the moment you have all been waiting for… PICTURES FROM OUR CABARET IN PITTSBURGH! Our cabaret, Big Shot, was a huge success. We raised over $2,800.00 dollars for charity and met some very interesting people. Without further ado, the pictures….

The Cast and Crew

“S” is hungry! I am holding my gluten free pasta primavera and some fruit and veggies! YUM!

Me, my OH, and “G”… he is always trying to come between us…

Chatting it up with a donor.

I know this pic is blurry, but I love it. My OH decided he wanted to dance with me! He is so cute!

One of our crew members dressed in drag for the cabaret. Does anyone else notice the strange resemblance?

That’s it for now. We leave bright and early tomorrow. Actually, I have to get up even earlier to run some errands before we leave. It snowed here tonight. Hopefully, the accumulation won’t be bad so I can walk there without getting soaked to the knees!

I presume…

This is a card I have taped on the window of my bus seat. One of our crew members bought it for me. Now, we all know we should never presume anything is gluten free in a restaurant/bakery. But, there are times, especially when traveling, when eating out is unavoidable. Here are some chain restaurants where I have had success:

  • Outback Steakhouse – GF menu
  • Carabbas – GF menu
  • Bonefish Grill – GF menu
  • Ruby Tuesday – salad bar (BE CAREFUL OF CROSS CONTAMINATION)
  • Chipotle – avoid all tortillas and chips
  • Wendy’s – baked potato, chili, and mandarin chicken salad are safe
  • PF Chang’s – GF menu
  • Legal Seafoods – GF menu
  • Chic-Fil-A – I normally get a bun-less grilled chicken sandwich with a small fry
  • Maggiano’s – GF menu with GF pasta!
  • Boston Market – check website for GF options (BE CAREFUL OF CROSS CONTAMINATION)
  • Mimi’s Cafe – GF menu book
  • Panera Bread Co. – check website for GF options (I LOVE the black bean soup!)

Remember, be very vigilant whenever you eat out. Ask to speak with the manager about your dietary needs. Carefully explain the danger of cross contamination, and never be afraid or embarrassed to send your food back if it is not correct. I find my Triumph Dining Cards to be invaluable, especially in ethnic restaurants. (The cards are in both English and the native language of the cuisine) They carefully outline exactly what I can and cannot eat, as well as what ingredients may be risky. The cards also outline the risk of cross contamination.
I try to stock up at grocery stores whenever possible. However, these restaurants have saved me on more than one occasion. I will blog later about my favorite gluten free, non-chain “finds” around the U.S. and Canada. Believe me, there are some real gems there! Until next time, my friends!

New Cereal!!!!!!

Hello, everyone! This is just a random product review post. Last night after the show, my OH and I were starving! We went into the hotel bar and ordered two glasses of milk (…yes, we ordered milk in a bar…) and trudged up to our room. I was super excited because I had a new cereal to try!
Ingredients: Organic brown rice flour, organic corn flour, organic granulated sugar cane juice, organic pomegranate juice concentrate and sea salt.
I poured myself a heaping mug full and settled in to savor the experience. (I get really excited about new foods) The tasty little o’s are are reminiscent of plain Cheerios. The nutty, whole grain taste was a nice, subtle change from my usual Rice Chex. However, at around $4.00 for a small box, the price is a little steep.
Pros: Nutty flavor; good nutritional content; simple ingredients; nostalgic
Cons: Expensive; slight “gluten free taste” (you know what I mean)
Rating: I give Nature’s Path Whole O’s 3 out of 5 YUMS! I would probably buy these again if they were on sale or for a treat.

No good, very bad day in Detroit…

I have had a no good, horrible, very bad day in Detroit. The morning started off rough because I didn’t get much sleep last night. (thank you to the cabaret!) I still managed to make my morning bowl of gluten free oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon, but I had to eat it on the bus.
I tried to sleep on the bus, but just couldn’t get contorted into the right position. Instead, I did the USA Today crossword puzzle and read the April issue of Good Housekeeping. (I know, I know… dork status, again!) Lunch was boring again with my tuna salad and a pear.
Then I had a special treat! An Oikios yogurt with blackberries! LE SIGH… again!
I am trying to eat organic dairy products. I read an article the other day about the 5 foods everyone should try to eat organic. Dairy was one that really surprised me! I guess it shouldn’t have. It does, after all, make perfect sense. You don’t want to be pumping strange hormones and such into your body. It was delicious though. Which is REALLY what matters! 😉
Anyway… that is where my lovely day came screeching to a halt. We got to our hotel. I checked into my room. I poked around looking for the refrigerator and microwave I called a week ago to request for my room. AND…I couldn’t find it! I calmly picked up my room phone and called the front desk. After all, I did call a week in advance and was assured it would be “no problem”, especially since it was requested for medical reasons. (I have to carry food around with me so I don’t get “glutened”.) Well, I was firmly told that I could not have a refrigerator or microwave. Then they sent up a “clean” trashcan and told me to fill it with ice and put my food in it! They expected me to put my food in a trashcan!!!! EXCUSE ME?!
A little later, after setting up my booth and unpacking a shipment, I heated up some vegetables and a sweet potato in the microwave and drizzled them with a little balsamic vinegar. As luck would have it, my new bag of squash had gone bad! I didn’t discover it until I took a bite! Vile, vile, nastiness!!!!!! I didn’t take a picture. I’m really bad about taking dinner pictures. I’m always in a hurry.
Then, (and this is the sad part) someone hurt my feelings. I won’t go into details, but my heart hurts right now.
….I need to go to bed so it can be tomorrow soon…

Life is a Cabaret….

Hello, Everyone! I am sorry I missed posting yesterday. It was a very busy, looooong day. We had a travel day from Salisbury, MD to Pittsburgh, PA where we put on a cabaret/fundraiser called Big Shot to raise money for Career Transitions for Dancers and Dancers Responding to AIDS. Our hotel in MD offered a continental breakfast. Luckily they had a gluten free option… hardboiled eggs!
I enjoyed to egg whites (I don’t like the yolks) with a grapefruit, water, and some decaf coffee. I also grabbed to more eggs to use in my salad at lunch. Being on the road has taught me to be a scavenger! Seriously!!! I am turning into my great grandmother! I find myself waltzing into fast food restaurants and ordering a water, then robbing them of their plastic cutlery! Oh well… sometimes it’s about survival! So…. where was I… Lunch was uneventful, just my usual salad. But this time I had two egg whites instead of tuna.
I also had a lovely, organic Gala apple and some rice crackers (not pictured.)
Why do organic apples always taste better?
When we arrived in Pittsburgh the madness began! We had to dress up and go shmooze with potential donors at a dinner/silent auction. These types of events always worry me. Often, I end up waltzing in with my lunch box like a big, old dork. Well ladies and gentlemen, NOT THIS TIME! My cast really takes care of me. They called ahead and had the caterer prepare a gluten free, vegetarian pasta dish just for me and my husband! It was delicious pasta primavera. The caterer packaged it in a seperate container and kept it away from all the gluten containing pasta dishes. Le Sigh…. heaven. I don’t have pictures from the event on my computer, but my husband does. I will post them as soon as I can. We have some fun photos! Overall, the cabaret was a huge success. We raised over $2,800.00! Thank you Pittsburgh for all of your support!
After the cabaret, I was a little hungry. I made myself a quick bowl of gluten free oatmeal. I tried to get creative and stirred in half of a Jamaican papaya…. don’t do this. It was a bad instinct. I still ate it, but would not recommend it to anyone! hahaha… Oh well. Tomorrow is another day, another bowl of oatmeal!

One Nighter and New Meal…

Hello Everyone! It has been a long day. It all started at 7:30 AM when we had to load the bus. I didn’t have time to eat before we left. So, I ended up eating my oatmeal on the bus. It was the same as yesterday: Gluten free oats with blueberries and cinnamon.
Notice my trusty flowered bowl and lid. That thing gets used a couple of times a day. It is microwave and dishwasher safe AND only cost $1.00! It was the best “road investment” of my life! I didn’t sleep very well last night, so I dozed off and on until our first rest stop. Then I read Good Housekeeping (yes… I know… I’m a nerd…), talked to my DH (daytime husband), and enjoyed my panoramic view.

Say “hi”, DH!

My favorite travel

We stopped for lunch and I made my usual travel day salad of romaine, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, tuna, and balsamic vinegar. I also had an orange and a few rice crackers.
Notice the bowl again! My lunch kept me full until we got to the theater for our show. Our lead truck driver had a special treat waiting for me…
This was a new Amy’s meal for me. You know what that means….IT’S PRODUCT REVIEW TIME!!!!!!! I love Mexican food, so I was excited to try this meal. I nuked it for 5 minutes and pulled it out of the microwave to find this…
…Not exactly what the picture looked like. The taste, however, made up for its unappetizing appearance. It was slightly spicy with a hearty, meaty texture provided by tofu.

Amy’s Santa Fe Enchilada Bowl: made with organic rice, pinto beans, and vegetables.

Pros: D-licious! (especially for a microwaveable meal); filling, relatively low in sodium (I say relatively because at about 730 mg of sodium it is high, but less than the typical micro. meal)
Cons: ugly; I would have liked more veggies

Overall: 4 out of 5 YUMS

That’s one of our dancers, G, modeling my dinner in the Green Room.

After the show, I got a ride back to the hotel. I went to K’s room to borrow some clothes for our fundraiser/cabaret tomorrow. Then, I went back to my room to do my show report. I sipped
some Chamomile tea while typing.

Then I had some Stoneyfield Farm organic fat free plain yogurt with blueberries. Now, it is bed time. Good night moon!


Load-in, show, load-out, time to move on…..
Welcome to my life on the road! Tomorrow we head to Salisbury, MD. I don’t think there’s much there to speak of. One usher did mention a zoo! I LOVE zoos! I’ll have to look into that if I have enough time tomorrow. But enough about tomorrow, I’ll cover that when I get there.
After seeing Duplicity with my “daytime husband” (who fell asleep and started snoring!) and one of the cast members, G, I walked back to the hotel to get ready for the show. We had a company meeting so I had to get to the theater early. On the way, I stopped to take a picture of a mural near the theater.
Now there’s some color for you! During the meeting I ate my dinner, leftover veggie sushi. (sorry no picture again… i didn’t take pictures of any of my “colorful” foods today) Then, I set up my merch. stand…
….and sold my little heart out! After the show, it was time to pack it all back up again to go on the trucks…
Bye, bye road box! I will see you in Salisbury! By that time I was a hungry, hungry little bear. I headed back to my room for some cereal, crackers w/ hummus, and an Asian pear. I know, kind of random, but just what the doctor ordered.
Our lead truck driver surprised me tonight with a gift of two gluten free Amy’s frozen meals, and one of our dancers surprised me with two boxes of Pamela’s gluten free cookies! I have friends! YAY!!! Good night, friends. I will blog again tomorrow!

Day Date…

This morning started early for the Morales family. My OH had to get up for load-in. Once he was awake so was I. We wandered downstairs to check out the free continental breakfast. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat anything they provided. Instead, I got myself a cup of decaf coffee and headed back up to my room to make my own breakfast. I had a delightful bowl of gluten free oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries.
Sorry the picture is blurry. It’s not the most photogenic breakfast, but it sure was yummy! After breakfast, I headed down to the exercise room for a little work out. I was all alone in the gym clipping along on the treadmill when I got bored. To spice things up I decided a little skipping was necessary. I must have looked like an idiot, but it sure was fun! It really got my heart rate up, too. BONUS! After my little frolic session. I ran to Wegmans… again. I was going to take some pictures but felt a little self-conscious all by myself. I’m still new to this whole blogging thing. Grocery shopping always takes me longer than I anticipate. I was suppose to meet my “daytime husband” at 1:20 to go see the movie Duplicity. By the time I got back to my hotel room I had literally 10 minutes to inhale my lunch and run over to the cinema! That is why there isn’t a picture. I had a salad with romaine, carrots, broccoli, snap peas, a little organic hummus, and some balsamic vinegar. After the movie, I needed a small snack so I had some watermelon and…
my favorite yogurt EVER! I mixed in some fresh blueberries and savored every spoonful. (I am such a dork, but I love my plain yogurt!) Now, I have to get ready for the show tonight.
Also, I have some exciting new products to try. Stay tuned!

An Adventure with My Boys…

I had an adventure today! My two road boys, my OH and our company manager (often referred to as my daytime husband), took me to Wegman’s Grocery Store. It was A-MAZING!!!! I am going back tomorrow and taking my OH’s camera with me. They had a sushi bar, a Mediterranean bar with about 6 different kinds of hummus, a “Wokery”, a colorful salad bar, and aisles and aisles of organic, natural foods. LE SIGH….. It was heaven in Williamsport, PA! I grabbed some veggie sushi, blueberries, and a little something new. These little beauties:

Edward & Sons Tamari Seaweed Baked Brown Rice Snaps
They are Gluten Free, Fat Free, Low Sodium, Kosher, and Vegan whole grain rice crackers.
Ingredients: Brown Rice, Tamari (Water, Soybeans, Salt), and Seaweed (Nori)

Unfortunately, I found these Brown Rice Snaps to be a bit bland by themselves. The seaweed taste really came out towards the end though. In fact, my OH is still making a funny face over the aftertaste! hahaha! I thought they were okay dipped in a little organic hummus. But, I probably won’t buy them again.
Pros: Fat Free, Low Sodium
Cons: Bland, Funny Aftertaste
Rating: I give these 2 out of 5 YUMS
Oh… and yes, I straightened my hair today. It was a travel day (9:00 – 5:00 on the bus). So, it was a no fuss, no make-up kind of day. We watched The Patriot on the bus, which I had never seen before. It was actually good!
For lunch today, we stopped at a mall. Instead of taking my chances at the food court, I had my usual bagged lettuce, tuna, balsamic vinegar combo. Boring, I know, but safe. I actually crave it on travel days. I also had a Bluteberry, Pomogranite Yogurt for “dessert”. It was pretty good and didn’t have any high fructose corn syrup. This is always a plus. Sorry I don’t have any pictures. I think I’m going to confiscate my OH’s husband for ever. He doesn’t know it yet…. hmmm…
For breakfast, I had gluten free oatmeal with a banana and cinnamon. Yummy goodness! Tonight, we might go over to the Bullfrog Brewery. One of our band member’s buddies is performing a gig there tonight. I hope everyone had a happy Monday!